Breakout Sessions

Opening Keynote

12:30 - 13:30

Join the Opening Keynote for the latest and greatest innovations straight from Dreamforce. Featuring Trailblazing CTO, Stephan Forseilles of Belgium company of the year EasyFairs, local changemaker Caroline Jenner, CEO at Junior Achievement Europe and Salesforce leaders, the keynote will showcase how we are making our technology more Complete, Integrated and Intelligent than ever. You don't want to miss this.

Sessions Round 1

13:45 - 14:15

Salesforce Einstein is your smart CRM assistant. Make your employees smarter and your customers happier. With Einstein, everyone has an AI-powered assistant to help them discover insights, predict outcomes, get recommendations, and automate workflows. So they have more time to focus on engaging customers.
Looking to unlock the full potential of your Salesforce Success Plan? Whether you want to learn at your own pace, accelerate the value you get from Salesforce or design your customer experience transformation, Success Cloud has the success plan resources and the experts to help make your journey with Salesforce a success.
Understand how Belgian Trailblazer Solvay innovates around B2B Commerce by replacing its legacy non user-friendly webshop to drive superior customer experiences and growth on the Salesforce platform.

Sessions Round 2

14:30 - 15:00

Every digital transformation starts and ends with the customer. Customers expect connected experiences across every channel and touchpoint, and integration is now a strategic part of every digital transformation. Join us to see how brands use MuleSoft to dramatically accelerate their innovation.
What is the value of Experience Design in the project and when to involve them? How Agile are you? Ensure that your end customer is kept at the center at every step of your project.
Learn how brands can connect to their on-site audiences like never before with the help of phygital solutions. The combination of intuitive interaction technologies (physical) and smart user experience (digital).

Sessions Round 3

15:30 - 16:00

The marketers' playbook has forever changed in this Age of Intelligent Marketing. Transformative technologies like AI redefine consumer interactions at every step. See how the marketing platform is enabling marketers to better know, personalise, and engage your consumers. And learn how to build your brands and grow ROI.
Want to know more about Lightning? Get to know the latest and greatest Lightning features that drive productivity, customisation without code, and adoption.
Understand how Barry Callebaut humanised Einstein Analytics to deliver relevant insight to its sales force, drive CRM adoption, increase productivity and grow revenue.

Closing Keynote

16:15 - 16:45

The secrets of success in team sport are not that different from high performing organisations. Marc Lammers, former coach of gold-winning Olympic Dutch women hockey team and of the European vice-champion Belgian men's national field hockey team, shares his learnings about coaching, leadership, and collaboration to empower you and your organisation reaching that high performance state.

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