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Covid-19 Response

Salesforce Care for Health: No Cost COVID-19 Care Response Solution

Editor’s Note (June 30, 2020): After receiving more than 60,000 sign-ups, the free Salesforce Care offers are now closed to new applicants. Please note that we are still supporting all current Salesforce Care deployments through the end of their 90 day period. For more information on Salesforce solutions for tackling COVID-19, please visit:

On Wednesday, March 11th Salesforce Chair and CEO Marc Benioff shared that to support the global response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Salesforce is providing a COVID-19 Care Response Solution that provides free access to technology for emergency response teams, care management teams, and health systems responding to the coronavirus pandemic. We have since expanded the solution to aid health insurers, and other healthcare and life sciences organizations that have also been impacted by the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The solution empowers organizations around the world to stay connected with and engage their patients, members, employees, and partners with real-time information to increase safety and wellness. The solution can be deployed quickly and at no charge for six months to immediately aid to those in need. After the six months, customers have the option to continue at their contracted price or discontinue the service. The solution includes:

Pre-Configured Health Cloud Org
To help manage increased volume of health-related requests via phone and chat with an emergency response contact center solution. Powered by Salesforce Health Cloud.

Encryption, Audit Trails and Monitoring
To help ensure the privacy and security of data to meet internal and external compliance requirements like HIPAA in the US. Powered by Salesforce Shield.

Self-Service Resource Center
Distribute trusted information from a personalized, self-service resource center to help inform HCPs, patients, members and communities and help offset the higher call volumes. Powered by Salesforce Community Cloud and the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform.

Learning Platform
Quickly distribute the latest safety and testing protocols to enable staff and ensure certification through an on-demand, learning platform. Powered by Salesforce myTrailhead.

To get information and have a Salesforce representative reach out to you about the Care Response Solution, please complete this form .


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