Achieve Sales Success by Mastering these 5 Steps


So you want to know how to be successful in sales and want to know how to become a better salesperson?

Sales success begins with attitude, it's directly connected to understanding that the sale is not about you; It's not about commission, It's not about moving an item of off the shelves, and it's not about the hefty paycheck. It's not about you - it's about the customer.

Getting to know your customer's interests and desires is critical to successfully closing a sale. Actively engaging your consumer to not only tap into in their wants, but anticipating their needs are traits of a great sales person. Don't take it personal if you are unable to sell the product even after seemingly anticipating the needs of your consumer. Being successful in sales requires having tough skin. Take rejection as an opportunity to perfect your interpersonal sales tactics and becoming a better sales person.

If you are engaging your customer over the phone, to achieve sales success, be upfront about the reason for your call, vouch for the integrity of the product or service you are selling, and draw comparisons between your prospect and satisfied customers. When leaving voicemails, emails or follow-up messages, it's important to reiterate the reason for contacting them, as well as summarizing your intent. Finish up the message with an suggested action either on your part or theirs.


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