On May 18, thousands of people from all business backgrounds will gather at ExCeL London to discuss the latest tools and techniques available from Salesforce to get closer to their customers. The event is officially sold out, though you can still register to watch the live stream

Since World Tour offers content for a wide range of SMBs — from those just starting in on segmentation to the seasoned Salesforce customers accustomed to building 1:1 journeys at scale—it’s easy to get lost in all the sessions that the conference has to offer. For those lucky enough to get a ticket, we’ve got you covered with pre-event prep tips to can’t-miss sessions and beyond so you can make the most of the day.

Pre-World Tour Prep

Know Your Business

Take a few minutes and think through some of the biggest business challenges you’re facing. Write those down so when you have the chance to sit down with a Solution Engineer during a Bring Your Own Business Clinic (BYOB), you have a solid starting point and can make the most of your time. You’ll be able to schedule a 25-minute clinic slot on the day, but if you want to make sure you’ve got a spot, book a time that works for you.

Give a Demo a Go

The day will be packed with information about Salesforce innovations, upgrades, and tips. If you’ve never tried one of our core products like Sales Cloud or Service Cloud before, take them for a spin so you have a reference point and know what questions to ask or what sessions you’d be interested in. If you don’t have time to do a demo, never fear– we’ll also have demos at the event so you’ll still be a Krux, Quip and Einstein expert by the end of the day! 

What to Bring with You

  • Pack your phone charger or an extra power pack to make sure your phone makes it through the day. 
  • A notebook is always helpful for taking down session notes or names of the people you meet during the day, particularly if you want to save the battery on your gadgets.
  • Bring your business cards along. There will be tons of other businesses attending, making World Tour a prime space for networking between sessions.
  • Wear comfy, flat shoes. You’ll be doing lots of walking and exploring throughout the day and nothing puts a downer on a conference like sore soles. 
  • Avoid the conference caffeine jitters by bringing a reusable water bottle with you to use and refill during the day.

When You’re There

Grab a Guide when You Arrive

It’s easy to get swept up in all the free swag, Small Business Zone and partner stands when you first arrive. Snatch an event guide from the welcome table when you get in and star your must-go sessions from the start. That way you know when you’ve got a few moments to chat with our guides about your business without being paranoid you’ll miss Saurav Chopra from Perkbox or our Chief Equality Officer, Tony Prophet, take the stage. 

Swing By the Small Business Zone

Come check out the Small Business Zone to see how small business like yours use technology to find more customers, win every deal, keep customers happy and connect everything they do. We’ll be chatting about how to move faster, improve productivity,and get ahead with the latest technology. 

Here’s a sneak peek at the line up:

The Small Business Zone will allow you to meet with our Salesforce experts and network with small business leaders and be inspired for your next phase of growth. Bring your latest challenges and connect with SMB experts who can answer your questions.

But don’t worry, it’s not all business. We’ll also have fun interactive games for you to let off some steam, recharge, and find other businesses like you. 

Book a Free Clinic with Our Solution Engineers

Here’s when your pre-conference prep comes in handy. Bring Your Own Business (BYOB) challenges to our Salesforce experts during a clinic and we’ll help you figure out how to tackle them together. We’ve got plenty of 25-minute spots free for the taking— keep your options open and sign up on the day or plan ahead and book your slot now

Catch Two Sessions that Spotlight SMBs 

We’ll be bringing Salesforce’s best and brightest internal UK leaders, along with our trailblazing customers Perkbox and Treatwell, to the stage to speak directly to small and medium businesses about how to grow and scale.

Learn the Lingo and Blaze a Trail or Two

Throughout the day you’ll hear us talk a lot about blazing trails with our online learning community, called Trailhead. It's the fun, easy way to learn about the ins and outs of Salesforce, and it’s for everyone—admins, developers, and end-users. Visit the Trailhead base camp right beside the Small Business Zone and we’ll show you how to use it and learn how to customise Salesforce for your business. 

Stay Updated and Share on Social

Keep up with the beat of the conference when you connect and share with us on social media. We’ll be posting live streams, updates, and highlights on Twitter @salesforce and Facebook Salesforce UK. Join in the conversation, send us your questions and connect with influencers using LinkedIn by using #SalesforceTour. 

Plan to Keep the Momentum Going

It’s crazy how quickly you can revert back to the status quo, no matter how earth-shattering an event was. Make sure you’ve got a few action items in place to bring back with you when you’re back at your desk—whether it’s by keeping a list of ideas throughout the day, sending yourself emails with ideas as you get them, or making concrete plans on the day to commit to an action.

Once World Tour Wraps

Make a Plan

Work with your new and existing Salesforce contacts to create a new path to success off the back of what you learned at World Tour. We’re always happy to help you utilise our products to create a more loyal customer base, speed up the sales process, or fill your marketing pipeline. 

Follow Up with Your New Connections

We’ll make sure to keep in touch to help you get the most from the clinics and sessions at World Tour, but make sure you keep up your end of the bargain with new members of your network. Go through your LinkedIn and send follow-ups to anyone you added on the day, back up any business cards floating around in your bag and re-establish a connection over email, phone or in person.

Copy Our Notes

World Tour is pretty much the opposite of Vegas — what happens at World Tour gets broadcasted live online and inspires countless content on our site. We love to share the lessons we learn together at World Tour, so definitely check back into our blog— or better yet, subscribe— once you’re back in the office for tons of follow-up content. 

If you're not one of the lucky ones joining us on the day, or you know someone who would love to be there, check out the schedule for our Salesforce LIVE broadcast, and tune in from anywhere, on any device.