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Cpl Adapts Faster to Talent Trends and Unlocks Efficiencies with Salesforce

Talent and recruitment specialist Cpl is using Salesforce technology to unlock efficiencies and fast-track growth.

Why it’s important: Recruitment is a volatile market with global events and economies constantly impacting the demand for talent. It can be very complicated, too, particularly in specialist and regulated sectors such as healthcare. 

With more than 20 brands and 40 offices across 18 countries, Dublin-headquartered Cpl every month sources over 35,000 applications locally and internationally. 

Combining AI, data and CRM, the group is unlocking ways to reduce the time to hire for their clients, deliver better candidate experiences, and expand into new markets efficiently.

The Salesforce Platform is at the heart of Cpl’s business, Cpl has developed custom workflows that automate repetitive tasks, accelerating recruitment and onboarding timings by 75% by simplifying data capture and candidate evaluation processes.

Integrated with over 90 internal and external sources, including job websites, finance tools, and applicant tracking systems, has created a single source of truth of client and candidate information and delivered business value worth around €1M within 18 months.

Cpl is continually adding new features to personalise the recruitment lifecycle, including creating their own candidate shortlists and sending tailored newsletters to clients to showcase new talent.

The Salesforce solution: 

  • With Experience Cloud, Cpl has created personalised recruitment portals for clients and to provide candidates with more self-service options. 
  • With Sales Cloud Cpl can connect new business leads and insights across its global operations, creating a group-wide view of sales pipeline and performance. 
  • Customising Salesforce workflows with Trailhead, Cpl can capture and analyse data at every step of the recruitment journey and identify trends shaping the future of work which helps clients compete more effectively for the best talent.
  • Migrating to Hyperforce has enabled the group to scale more easily into new markets whilst strengthening data security and regulatory compliance. 

The customer perspective: “Today, being able to source the right talent at the right time requires the ability for everyone involved – clients and candidates – to move fast and maximise productivity. With Salesforce, being able to support multiple teams and brands on a single platform has enabled us to simplify our processes and unlock greater efficiency,” said Lorna Conn, CEO at Cpl.

Shifting our recruitment strategy from reactive to proactive and transforming the insights we extract from our data is enabling more informed conversations with our clients and scaling our processes and teams quickly and cost-effectively.

Lorna Conn, CEO at Cpl

The Salesforce perspective: “Today, helping organisations access the talent they need to thrive, tackling the skills gap while strengthening your own processes to work smarter and faster is no easy feat. By bringing multiple teams and brands onto a single platform Cpl shows the power that data, AI and CRM can have in helping companies adapt to new business realities and unlock growth opportunities,” said Carolan Lennon, Country Leader, Salesforce Ireland.

Fast fact: Cpl’s transformation has contributed to a 45% increase in the number of permanent and contingent placements. 

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