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Digital Transformation

Spotify Hits a High Note with Salesforce

Salesforce and Slack have helped Spotify Advertising achieve 40% increase in productivity by cutting down on meetings and email traffic

Spotify, the world’s most popular audio streaming service, launched in 2006 and has since grown to over 456 million users. 

Salesforce began its work with Spotify Advertising a few years ago. Spotify Advertising has become known for helping build powerful connections between brands and listeners, while ensuring advertisers are reaching the most relevant audiences possible.

In fact, Spotify has found that people are now just as engaged with the digital audio ads they hear as with the music and podcasts they listen to, and over 60% of listeners say Spotify audio ads help them discover new brands and products. 

The path to reaching number one on the charts is never without its challenges — but Spotify Advertising found the right processes, partners and technology to get there. 

With Salesforce, Spotify Advertising helps brands connect with their customers, wherever they listen

When building out their advertising business, the Spotify team faced challenges including an abundance of manual tasks and inefficient processes, a lack of dedicated business operations, and a need for a more holistic, 360-degree view of their customers and ad inventory. 

To find success quickly, Spotify Advertising established a clear goal: streamline operations to drive revenue growth and efficiencies – making it easier for its advertising brands to connect with Spotify’s millions of customers, wherever they’re listening. 

“From day one, our goal has been to build a digital audio environment that allows advertisers to reach their most relevant and engaged audience – while making it easy for them to get up and running on Spotify,” said Daniel Walsh, Global Head of Business Strategy and Operations, Spotify.

With Salesforce and Slack, we have been able to automate and scale mission-critical processes for our Spotify Advertising team to onboard new brands quickly and build deeper relationships with existing customers through personalized interactions, something that is more important than ever in today’s environment.

Daniel Walsh, Global Head of Business Strategy and Operations, Spotify

Salesforce helps Spotify Advertising unlock efficiencies with automation 

Spotify Advertising chose a number of Salesforce products to automate operations, including Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Slack, and Tableau. 

Leveraging Salesforce, Spotify Advertising was able to improve communication, drive efficiencies, and optimize decision making. 

  • Spotify Advertising has enhanced account engagement and built unique consumer journeys with Marketing Cloud, all delivered through preferred channels such as email and social media, from real-time and historical data. Using Salesforce, Spotify Advertising has significantly decreased time to access marketing campaign data by 95%, from six months to seven days.
  • Spotify Advertising now has a unified view into all of their ad inventory with Sales Cloud, enabling them to grow revenue by integrating that inventory and their order management to streamline advertising sales. 
  • Service Cloud has allowed Spotify Advertising to create an omni-channel support system, meeting customers where they are and delivering a quick, consistent and personalized experience — leading to increased satisfaction. 
  • By leveraging Slack as the primary form of communication among account teams, Spotify Advertising has built automated workflows and increased collaboration, leading to a 40% increase in productivity across the team by cutting down on meetings and email traffic. 
  • Accessing actionable insights and real-time updates with Tableau helps Spotify Advertising ensure its team is actively communicating with clients about their advertising needs and where they are experiencing roadblocks. 

“Spotify’s work is a testament to the impact automation at scale can have on any business in any industry,” said Ketan Karkhanis, EVP and GM, Sales Cloud, Salesforce. “With Sales Cloud, Spotify Advertising has unified its sales function—streamlining its ad inventory and communication between sales reps to help boost productivity, close deals faster and form more personalized and trusted relationships with customers.”

“Empowering service agents to meet customers where they are is key to efficiently meeting growing customer expectations,” said Clara Shih, CEO of Service Cloud, Salesforce. “By leveraging Service Cloud’s omnichannel communication capabilities, Spotify Advertising has been able to establish and grow trusted relationships by engaging with customers over the channel of their choosing — whether that’s online via chat, email or phone.”

Hitting the right tempo in building deep customer relationships while also running an efficient business to reach that end goal, has never been more important. Together with Salesforce, Spotify Advertising has created a smash hit. 

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