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Quintessentially Accelerates Global Membership Growth with Salesforce

Global lifestyle management group Quintessentially is using Salesforce to scale personalisation across its private concierge services. 

With its network of lifestyle managers and partners, the group offers one-to-one contact across its specialist services, from managing travel, events and real estate to assisting with member’s day-to-day needs. 

Why it’s important: Nearly 8 in 10 UK customers expect faster service as technology advances, and 73% expect better personalisation.

Driving the news: Having a centralised approach to customer engagement means that Quintessentially lifestyle managers can create a single view of every member, helping the group to understand and meet their specific needs better, and exceed their expectations.

By empowering teams with smarter workflows and richer insights through Salesforce, Quintessentially can scale its personal approach to reach an even bigger audience. Gathering data on every member interaction across multiple channels is improving business performance, helping to forecast resourcing capacity to fulfill requests and maximise efficiency.

  • With Service Cloud, Quintessentially manages over 300,000 requests every year. Every request – whether originating from multiple channels including email, phone call, WhatsApp and soon an online portal and mobile app powered by Experience Cloud – is logged and managed along with the details of more than 100,000 suppliers.
    • Time-based alerts prompt and remind Lifestyle Managers about outstanding requests from its Members around the globe.
    • A global, multilingual service helps to deliver a consistent customer experience by offering all global staff a single view of a Member at any given time.
  • Integrating Marketing Cloud with Service Cloud allows its marketing team and lifestyle managers to draw on the data captured in members’ profiles to send more targeted messages and prompt more conversations. AI capabilities include communication subject line suggestions.
  • With Journey Builder the team can create automated journeys for key stages in the member relationship, including onboarding and renewal. 
  • With Experience Cloud rolling out soon, Quintessentially expects to offer an engaging online portal and app to serve its rich content and provide an additional channel for Members to place and track their requests.

The customer perspective: “At Quintessentially our mission is to make anything possible for our Members. In today’s digital-first world this requires delivering customer service that is efficient, individual and comprehensive, at any time and at scale. This is possible through the flexibility Salesforce provides our business,” said Cathrine Levandowski, Global Head of Operations at Quintessentially.

“With Salesforce, we are looking forward to combining the world’s most innovative AI, automation and data technologies to offer a consistently personalised service while improving the satisfaction of our Lifestyle Managers. We want to empower them to work faster and smarter, and to build long-lasting relationships with our Members wherever they are,” added Levandowski. 

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