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England’s Jurassic Coast is an amazing place to live. From Exmouth to Dorset, residents enjoy stunning sea views, buzzing towns, and now, superfast broadband from a local network provider focused on delivering outstanding services to homes and businesses.

Jurassic Fibre is going from start-up to scale-up, doubling in size every year and offering customers a growing range of services tailored around their lifestyle and needs. Since its inception in 2018, its grown to serve more than 3,000 customers and has 100,000 premises in its catchment area.

“We pride ourselves on offering great broadband to customers in the South West of England and supporting those communities which are poorly served at the moment,” said David Doherty, Chief Information Officer. “We often market on a street-by-street basis, so we reach out to people when we know we can meet their needs.”

Making life better for staff and customers is a key priority for Jurassic Fibre. With the business going from strength to strength, it decided to transform its approach to sales and marketing.

“Our goal is to create amazing experiences for people and turn customers into advocates. That means keeping processes simple, automating manual tasks, and eventually launching omnichannel to give people more choice over how they get in touch with us,” revealed Sarah Howells, Chief Customer Officer.

“Our business is more than doubling every year. With Salesforce, we can supercharge company growth without compromising on quality.”
David Doherty
Chief Information Officer
Jurassic Fibre


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Building a customer hub

The company turned to Salesforce to create a centralised customer hub on Marketing Cloud, Communications Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud. Salesforce sits at the heart of a connected ecosystem, including third- party integrations, and the hub will provide 360-degree visibility of the customer and help the team to build integrated journeys across the whole lifecycle.

“Salesforce is best of breed technology. We needed a scalable system that could process thousands of transactions an hour and streamline every touchpoint,” said Doherty. “We’re making decisions today that will pay off in the future.”

With support from the Salesforce team, Jurassic Fibre moved products, orders, and the customer journey onto Communications Cloud, unlocking 360-degree visibility and designing a user-centric experience to help employees complete tasks in as few clicks as possible.

To streamline change management, the team got buy-in from the top down and ran show-and-tell sessions. Staff were also involved in user acceptance testing to ensure processes were tailored to support them and eliminate their pain points.

Automating the way to a better human experience

Automation played a significant role in simplifying both the customer and employee experience, and more workflows are still to be optimised. While 80% of sales admin has been eliminated, the team created an entirely automated self-service journey for new customers to sign up with a credit card via the website.

“Customers told us they wanted to buy online, but we lacked the capabilities to do it previously. Now, when they visit the website, they can enter their postcode to kick off one of three journeys any time, day or night,” explained Doherty.

If the customer’s postcode is in an area that Jurassic Fibre serves, they can sign up to switch provider. If they’re in an area that will be served in the future, they can register their interest and receive email updates from Marketing Cloud, and if the address is too far away the journey ends on the website.

Orders are tracked in Sales Cloud and sent via an integration with back-office systems to the installation team, who visit the customer’s house to set up the necessary equipment.

When customers call the contact centre, staff from customer care to telesales can see who they are and any previous interactions with the company. They then tailor their conversations to be more personal and valuable for everyone.

“With Salesforce, staff are more productive and can focus on having conversations with customers. The sales cycle is not just faster, people are selling more per person, and the engagement of the sales team has transformed,” said Howells.

Nurturing leads as the company expands

To nurture leads until Jurassic Fibre is ready to move into the area, they’re segmented into residential or business customers and by location. Marketing Cloud is then used to send them relevant information and offers until leads are hot enough to pass to the sales team to convert.

Impact and engagement rates are tracked via an integration with a third-party solution so the team can adapt messaging to add more value to customers and help shape their next campaigns. In the future, the team plans to expand into social media marketing and further hone messaging to target the right audience with the right message at the right time.

“Salesforce gives us the visibility to create smarter marketing campaigns and build stronger relationships with customers.”
Sarah Howells
Chief Customer Officer
Jurassic Fibre


By centralising operations on Salesforce, Jurassic Fibre is also enjoying new levels of insight and richer analytics. The sales team uses dashboards to track how many new leads come in by self-service, how many are converted, and they can identify where and why leads are lost.

“Granular data helps us spot gaps in our processes and where leads are getting stuck,” said Howells. “For example, in rented properties we need a wayleave from the landlord to install equipment. With Salesforce, we can filter records to see how many are getting delayed at this stage and provide additional support to get permission to proceed.”

Next, Jurassic Fibre plans to build a data lake and integrate it with Salesforce to expand its use of analytics. Company and Salesforce data will be combined with financial, operational, and third-party data to define KPIs and provide planning insights. As for Communications Cloud, installation management and customer care will soon be onboarded to further streamline the human experience.

The company is also planning to integrate its telephony system with Salesforce and explore artificial intelligence. For example, when customers are self-serving, they’ll be able to use a chatbot to get fast and engaging responses to common questions that mimic interacting with a real person.

“Salesforce is a great partner for us as we scale. Marketing, sales, and build operations have tripled in the last six months, and Communications Cloud gives us assurance that we can handle increasing volumes seamlessly,” added Doherty. “Next, we’re taking customer contact omnichannel so we’re there for them however they want to connect.”


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