Mobile Social Media: a Resource Round-up
How businesses can put mobile social media to work


When we think of social media, most of us think of people sitting at desks, posting in Facebook or tweeting on Twitter. In fact, the user is just as likely to be out in the world, using a mobile device.

niall-harbison-thumb-xs Mark Donovan

"Social media is one of the most popular and fastest growing mobile activities." "This behavior is even more prevalent among smartphone owners with three in five accessing social media each month."

So when you think about engaging with customers or prospects in social channels think mobile. It might just open up a whole new world of possibilities.

We’re always trawling the web for valuable insights on social business and mobile social media issues are popping up more and more. So we thought we’d share some of our favourite mobile social media links.

Mobile Social Media themes

Here are some killer links on mobile social for business:

MoLoSo is the next big thing
Mobile + Local + Social is the future. That’s what Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Google, told us at Dreamforce ’11 (watch here). This is the eye of the storm. If you’ve got a business with locations – learn to say MoLoSo without blushing.


That means location-based services are really here
They’ve been touted for years. Now they’re making an impact – mostly in social applications that use your location to serve you the most relevant content, offers or promotions.

The answer isn’t mobile sites or mobile apps: it’s both
Businesses are using both approaches and mobile users are happily accessing both kinds of mobile experience. So pick the route that’s best for your business – or cover both bases.

Mobile is a mindset
You can’t just dump your normal web experience on to the small screen. You need to think about the needs of the mobile user and the limitations (and extra capabilities) of the mobile device.

Mobile Social Media resources

Here are some killer links on mobile social for business:

comScore Study: Mobile Social Media Audience Grows 37 Percent in the Past Year
This post summarises a recent comScore study into mobile social media usage. It shows that:

  • 72.2 million Americans accessed social networking sites or blogs on their mobile device in August 2011, an increase of 37 percent in a year
  • Nearly 40 million – more than half – access these sites almost every day.
  • Facebook’s mobile audience approached 60 million people – up a whopping 50% in a year.

People are posting status updates, reading posts, getting coupons, following links and clicking on mobile ads. Social isn’t stationary any more.


What does the explosion of social media mean for mobile?
Nick Jones of I-Spy Marketing summarises the implications of mobile social media for marketers in this post on Econsultancy. Nick advises, “Start small – optimise your existing websites and newsletters for mobile.”

Why Mobile Social Media Matters - Statistics, Trends, Technologies – Slideshare
This excellent presentation by David Berkowitz, social media and mobile marketing strategist, is a rapid-fire tour of the highlights of mobile social – including seven types of mobile social experiences:

  • Online social networks on mobile devices
  • Sharing content via social channels
  • Connecting mobile sites & apps with social networks
  • Mobile social networks
  • Location-based check-in services
  • Sharing and streaming content
  • Social gaming

David also touches on ‘mobile in the living room’ (e.g. tablets in front of TVs); mobile in-store; social shopping; and ‘Assisted Serendipity” our favourite jargon of the last year. – the site for mobile marketers
This is a terrific site for marketers getting to grips with mobile marketing, including social mobile. It’s built around a great mobile blog edited by industry-watcher Andy Favell. And it has the best Global Mobile Statistics collection on the web.

The Mobile Marketing Association
The MMA has grown to become a massive community and resource for mobile marketers. Check out their research, events and resources. Or follow them on Twitter - @MMAglobal. We also like their SmartBrief daily newsletter.


The Insider’s Guide to Mobile Social Networking: The Ten Ps
A crowdsourced mobiThinking guide, ‘The 10 Ps of mobile social networking’ are: popularity; planning; personal; proposition; permanence; participation; personalization; proliferation; passion and performance. Whew!

Developing a Learning Strategy for Mobile and Social – Slideshare
Jeremiah Owyang put together this excellent deck, evangelising the Beehive organizational structure for going social – and a learning framework to go with it. Insightful stuff.

LinkedIn Group: Mobile Marketing & Advertising
A buzzing group full of mobile marketers who know their stuff.

The #SocialMobile Hashtag on Twitter
This hashtag is getting more and more tweetage and will introduce you to some of the thought leaders on the topic.

44 Useful Mobile Apps for Social Media Marketers
If you’re going to master social and mobile, you’ve got to use the tools yourself. Debbie Hemley’s list on the Social Media Examiner points you to the best social mobile apps for marketers.

And don’t forget the Chatter mobile app
Chatter, the private social network for your company, has a very cool mobile app. So does’s Sales Cloud, of course.

That’s it for now.
Hope you found the Social Mobile Media round-up helpful.

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