Transforming the Automotive Industry

Car buying behaviour has changed. Buyers today will research online — well before stepping foot in a showroom. To succeed in this new age, manufacturers and dealers must engage customers before, during, and after the purchase.
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Salesforce for Automotive Manufacturers

Easily manage all stakeholder relationships in your value chain, like dealers and finance, on one, centralised platform.

Salesforce for Automotive Retailers and Dealerships

Adapt your interaction model to the age of the connected customer. Create in-person experiences that leave lasting impressions, and power your dealership with data.

Salesforce for Automotive Suppliers

New innovations in the automotive industry — like electric, autonomous, and connectivity — mean big opportunities for suppliers who can thrive in a global market. Drive more efficient operations and create stronger relationships with Salesforce.

Salesforce for Mobility Services

On-demand mobility, such as ride sharing and subscription transport has revolutionised the industry. Rethink your offering and manage your business with Salesforce CRM.

The Automotive Industry faces constant pressure

How can Salesforce CRM help the Automotive Industry respond to changing customer expectations and create drivers for life?
Digital transformation with Salesforce can help automotive and dealership companies adapt with agility and navigate unforeseen pressures. Digital transformation guides a company from being just focused on the vehicle to broadening their perspective to include the holistic customer experience, essentially making the customer the center of how businesses operate and engage.
Digital experiences, to sell, service and market are made more powerful and personalised with Salesforce Marketing, Sales and Service Cloud. Platform capabilities like mobility, AI, voice, and workflows with Salesforce Customer 360 enhance your data. Your employees are empowered with forecasting and tools in the field to drive your whole business forward.
The Salesforce Customer 360 platform provides a single source of truth across every relationship in the ecosystem. Designed for the automotive industry, the Customer 360 integrates with your back office with the technical agility of MuleSoft, the leading integration platform.

Automotive Whitepaper: New Customer Journey for New Customer Expectations


The automotive industry is entering a period of recovery and stabilisation following a global pandemic. This requires organisations to become more customer-centric and navigate changes in customer preference and behaviours. This whitepaper explores 3 different transformation areas the automotive industry can focus on to continue to build resilience for the future:

  • Engaging customers during the car-shopping journey.
  • Building loyalty during the car ownership journey.
  • Improve customer engagement by augmenting OEM-dealer collaboration.

The luxury market is not a numbers game. It’s experience over profit every time. With Salesforce, we can automate processes behind the scenes and free our team up to deliver truly outstanding experiences.”

Brett Ward | Chief Technical Officer, H.R. OWEN

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