Engage Inc. Switches From Leading Client/Server CRM Software to Salesforce.com

Leading provider of advertising, marketing and publishing software standardizes on salesforce.com Enterprise Edition

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - January 21, 2003 - Salesforce.com, the market leader in online customer relationship management (CRM), today announced that Engage, Inc. (OTCBB: ENGA) a leading provider of advertising, marketing and promotion (AMP) software solutions has standardized on salesforce.com Enterprise Edition. Engage elected to implement salesforce.com's easy-to-use, cost-effective online CRM solution in lieu of continuing with its pre-existing client/server software solution that had become too cumbersome and difficult to use. With salesforce.com's intuitive interface, Engage has realized a substantial return on investment through productivity gains, decreased support costs, and expects an increase in deal activity due to the better workflow and business processes that have been implemented.

"Our previous CRM solution theoretically offered more functionality than any business would realistically use, but in practice we had a tough time utilizing even the core functionality that we actually needed," said Jessica Allen, senior director of sales and markerting operations and communications at Engage, Inc., detailing one of the factors that contributed to the switch. "For example, leads from our Web site were not automatically captured like they are now with salesforce.com. This meant that previously, because the leads had to be manually entered into the system and CRM workflow rules made it largely impossible to properly route the lead, we could pursue only a small percentage of our inbound Web inquiries. Once we realized we were losing potential deals because of issues like this, we knew it was time for a change."

Engage completed its salesforce.com implementation process, including data migration from the existing application and online user training, in less than one month, without the help of outside consultants.

"Many companies are revisiting their client/server software installations and deciding that salesforce.com is a better fit for this economy and their particular needs," said Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of salesforce.com. "There is no reason to tolerate software that doesn't deliver when salesforce.com offers immediate benefit at a much lower price."

Driven by frustration with the costs and limitations of client/server software, companies are switching to salesforce.com. Divisions and workgroups within large companies are implementing salesforce.com despite corporate mandates to use legacy CRM software. Given quick success with salesforce.com, usage is growing virally - to more than 5,700 salesforce.com customers and 70,000 users worldwide - as executives switch from enterprise software to online CRM success.

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