Kliklok-Woodman Standardizes On Salesforce.com's Online Customer Relationship Management Solution

Global automated packaging machine company selects salesforce.com over client/server CRM software on basis of features, flexibility and track record of success

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - February 13, 2003 - Salesforce.com®, the market leader in online customer relationship management (CRM), today announced that Kliklok-Woodman, a global automated packaging machine company, has standardized on salesforce.com's online CRM solution. To take full advantage of the many opportunities arising from the merger of Kliklok and Woodman, the new company needed a single unified repository of information spanning customers and machines in 64 countries on every continent. Rapidly implementing salesforce.com's online CRM solution to coincide with merging sales organizations, Kliklok-Woodman can now access, track and share global customer information via the Internet without software synchronization, boosting revenue opportunities and customer satisfaction.

"Our major challenge in unlocking the synergies arising from the merger of Kliklok and Woodman was that we were operating on separate customer and prospect databases and localized servers in the US and UK," said Michelle Tatum, sales administration manager at Kliklok-Woodman. "We required rapid implementation but had limited personnel and budgetary resources. With salesforce.com, we were up and running in about a week, immediately identifying new geographic and product opportunities across the merged organization."

Following the merger of Kliklok and Woodman, the merged company immediately began to search for a cost-effective way to share information and monitor progress of inquiries and projects across the global company. The company elected to implement salesforce.com Professional Edition over conventional client/server software solutions on the basis of its strong feature set, ease of use, flexible customization, online training and rapid implementation. With salesforce.com, personnel at any location, including remote offices, are able to share information on large international customers to identify new opportunities and deliver consistent service. Management has visibility into new opportunities as they emerge for additional revenue opportunity. Kliklok-Woodman also notes substantial improvement in its ability to track opportunities, appropriately focus sales energy where can reap the most benefit and accurately forecast revenues for the near future.

"One of the biggest issues with any merger or acquisition is merging legacy technology systems," said Marc Benioff, CEO and chairman of salesforce.com. "Salesforce.com erases this concern. It makes no difference which hardware, software or servers the merged companies are using. As in the case of Kliklok-Woodman, you can have a global CRM solution in place and start to realize the benefits in days or weeks."

Companies are switching to salesforce.com, driven by frustration with the costs and limitations of client/server software. Divisions and workgroups within large companies are implementing salesforce.com in spite of corporate mandates to use legacy CRM software. Given quick success with salesforce.com, usage is growing virally - to more than 5,800 salesforce.com customers and 78,000 users worldwide - as executives switch from enterprise software to online CRM success.

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