The growth of data and the growing expectation of customer personalisation has placed analytics at the heart of arming the business with the right insights at the right time.

The analytics conversation (and focus) has changed from being a tennis like rally between back office and front line management, to empowering all staff to have secure, instant and informed insights anywhere.

Our State of Analytics Report 2015 reflected this shift with over 90% of High Performers in the survey agreeing that Analytics are very Important to critical in driving business strategy.

Here are three highlights contributing to high performers’ success:

1.     High performers were 5.1X more able to gleam timely business insights.  Insight goes stale as the behaviours change over time; so businesses must remove the barriers to access while ensuring the right security.

2.     Insights must be available where they are needed. High performers are 3.5X more likely to use mobile reporting and analytics.  Users need a connected and fast experience to give answers on the go.

3.     Analytics is for everyone.  Top teams are adopting analytics for everyday business users.  High performers are 2X more likely to have over half of their employees using analytics to fuel their decision and interactions with customers and employees.

Download the 2015 State of Analytics report to see the complete research results.