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Paul Baptist

Paul Baptist

The saying "jack of all trades" is usually followed up with "master of none". In my case I'd like to say that I'm a "master of some".

I am very fortunate to find myself in the rather unique position of being both tech- and business-savvy. Through my experience I've learnt to be multi-lingual. I speak:
Geek, sales, marketing, service, implementation, cost-benefit and, I think most important of all, "plain and simple".

One of my great loves is telling people stories. And I do so, often times, on stage at various events around the globe. I tell people stories through presentations (I'm passionate about the technology products I work with), through music (I sing in a band and choir) and through demonstrations (I love making technology do things people rarely get to see). 

I am also trying to do my bit in making the world a better place. So I volunteer for stuff. I dont mind making sandwiches at a soup kitchen or building a house in Cambodia. I'm in.