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Financial Services Innovation Summit: Join the Tech Transformation

Digital innovation and AI solutions are reshaping financial services. Join the conversation about the future of technology in financial services, from digital lending to risk management to customer engagement.

Technology is redefining the financial services industry and you’re invited to be at the forefront of this transformation. As banks and financial institutions grapple with heightened demands for operational efficiency and personalised customer service, emerging technologies such as generative AI present exciting opportunities to leap ahead of the competition. 

Salesforce is pioneering this shift, offering AI, CRM, and data-driven solutions specifically designed for financial services. These tools empower industry leaders and their institutions to surpass traditional service models and regulatory challenges, setting the stage for the future of finance – one that’s more efficient, productive, and secure for customers, employees, and financial institutions.

Financial Services Innovation Summit

Join the conversation about the future of technology in financial services, from digital lending to risk management to personalisation.

Pioneering Change in the Modern Enterprise

With 63% of financial institutions seeking AI solutions tailored specifically to the challenges and opportunities of the industry, it’s clear that we’re ready for specific solutions that align with the unique needs of financial services.

Emerging technologies are revolutionising how financial services operate, with innovations custom-fit for the industry’s diverse fields. In banking, insurance, wealth, and superannuation, new advancements are transforming customer relationships and streamlining operations.

Industry leaders, including those from prominent financial institutions such as Bendigo Bank, QBE Ventures, Morgans Financial Limited, and Iress, are pioneering these changes. They’re using the latest tech to enhance their operations and customer engagement, setting new standards in the financial sector. You’ll hear how they’ve embraced technology during our keynote address, ‘Igniting Innovation: Pioneering Change in the Modern Enterprise’. You’ll discover how you can integrate solutions like AI-driven personalisation and digital lending to help grow trusted relationships powered by AI + Data + CRM. 

The latest tools from Salesforce are making significant inroads in the financial services space. With innovations such as industry-specific Fins Co-pilots and enhancements from Einstein 1, financial institutions are now equipped to offer more personalised services to meet the increasing demands of their customers. These tools put generative AI-powered analysis into the flow of work, so deep, actionable insights are readily accessible, not just to IT specialists, but in the palms of all business users and executives. 

Grab a seat at the Financial Services Innovation Summit keynote and see how these technological advancements are paving the way for a new era in financial services, where digital transformation drives growth and customer satisfaction.

Unlock the Potential of Tech in Financial Services

Curious about how the latest technological innovations are reshaping the financial sector? Be inspired by a series of expert-led breakout sessions and leave with actionable insights that will help you harness the full potential of cutting-edge technologies in your financial practices.

Harnessing the Power of AI to Build Customer Trust — MuleSoft

Despite the promise of generative AI, 79% of financial services customers remain uncertain about trusting AI-driven processes. Innovative uses of data and AI solutions are crucial for overcoming these challenges, safeguarding customer privacy and enhancing the trustworthiness of financial institutions. 

You’ll witness a live demonstration of the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Platform and see how it empowers finance professionals to deliver custom solutions with unprecedented precision and personalisation.

Transform How Finance Professionals Get Work Done with CRM and AI in Slack

For modern financial workplaces, there are countless tools and ways to share ideas, but it’s not always easy to stay on top of everything. When information is stuck in teams, the costs can be significant. Discover how Slack can help speed up processes and deliver big results, with customer data and insights at their fingertips. Slack is the natural conversational interface for trusted AI that boosts productivity for every employee, right in the flow of work.

Transforming Financial Services for Enhanced Customer Success — Future of CRM

With AI solutions, institutions can expect not only enhanced compliance and reduced costs – potentially lowering compliance expenses by 6-10% – but also improved customer service efficiency, with some institutions experiencing up to a 25% reduction in service costs.

AI-powered CRM is revolutionising customer relationships in financial services and unlocks a strategic approach to digital lending that enriches the banker and customer experience. Discover insights into using AI to develop deeper insights and strengthen relationships with clients, members, and policyholders.

Navigating Risk & Regulation: From Analytics to AI-Insights and Actions — Tableau

AI is presenting new opportunities and risks for security and compliance, demanding a proactive approach that employs AI to both gain a competitive edge and mitigate potential risks. 

AI-driven analytics solutions from Tableau are tailored for the financial sector, improving regulatory reporting & compliance, and enhancing the ability to foresee and manage risk. The session takes a deep dive into the world of risk and regulation, with a focus on data, analytics and insights

Forge Valuable Connections in Financial Services

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial services, fostering relationships and building strategic partnerships are as crucial as adopting new technologies. This industry thrives on robust networks where professionals can exchange ideas and drive innovation together. 

Seize the opportunity to connect with your peers at the Fins Innovation Summit.  These moments, including a Networking Lunch, provide a platform to discuss pressing challenges and collaborate on solutions with other leaders in financial services, from chief architects to risk management experts.

Step into our Expo Campground for a hands-on, fun experience with the latest from Salesforce. Here, you’ll get a real feel for how these innovations can be specifically tailored to the banking, insurance, wealth, and superannuation sectors. By engaging with product experts and exploring these technologies firsthand, you can gain insights into how these tools can be integrated into your operations to enhance process efficiency, customer engagement, and risk management strategies. 

We’ll See You at the Financial Services Innovation Summit

Tech advancements are defining the future of financial services, from transforming customer service to enhancing risk management and compliance to putting the power of generative AI insights in the hands of all employees. At the Financial Services Innovation Summit, you’ll learn how technology can change financial services for the better, with the necessary connections and tools to begin implementing these innovations. 

Secure your spot today to join the conversation about the future of technology in financial services. Register now to discover how your institution uses technology to engage customers, streamline operations, and drive growth.

Financial Services Innovation Summit

Join us to be at the forefront of digital acceleration and transformation in the financial services industry.

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