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Putting AI into Practice: Key Takeaways from World Tour Essentials Melbourne

World Tour Essentials Melbourne might be over, but your AI CRM journey is only just beginning. Here’s everything you need to know to prepare your sales, service, marketing, commerce and more for the future of AI.

Trailblazers, AI experts, and thought leaders arrived in Melbourne for World Tour Essentials to explore all the ways that the #1 AI CRM can enhance relationships to deliver more value to your customers and your business.

As World Tour Essentials progresses to its next destination, so can you. Follow our comprehensive roadmap for your next steps to continue on your digital transformation journey with CRM + AI + Data + Trust.

Upskill for the future of AI

Learn the skills you need to be ready for AI, from ethical AI use to masterful prompt writing, on Trailhead, Salesforce’s online learning platform.

Unlock All of Your Trapped Data with Data Cloud

Don’t let valuable data get lost in a digital labyrinth. You’ve experienced the ways that Data Cloud enhances systems like data warehouses and data lakes. Now, discover how Data Cloud can integrate all your data into a single, trusted model, providing your team with a deeper understanding of your customers to deliver a personalised approach across the entire journey. It’s how Turtle Bay, a luxury vacation destination in O’ahu, tailored their guest experience to increase booking conversions by 20%.

Transforming Financial Services for Enhanced Customer Success

Financial services are increasingly turning to trusted AI and automation to strengthen relationships with clients, members, and policyholders. At World Tour Essentials, you saw how digital lending is enriching banker and customer experiences. Discover all the other ways that AI-powered CRM is transforming the banking industry across data, sales, marketing and service, with the potential to add $1 trillion annually.

Fuelling Growth: The Impact of Data-Driven Marketing

On stage in Melbourne, you heard the stories of Trailblazers like who have used the #1 AI CRM to increase the volume of payments on its platform by more than 5000%. With Salesforce, can accurately analyse and predict customers’ behaviour, presenting them with the most relevant options for their next steps. It’s results like these that explain why 62% of marketers have invested in the power of AI

Marketing Cloud makes it easier than ever to partner your marketers with their very own AI assistant. Here, we’ve compiled nine ways using AI as a digital assistant can save you time and increase the effectiveness of your campaigns. 

Supercharge Selling with Trusted AI

You’ve seen how Trailblazers like SEEK are using the #1 AI CRM to equip their sellers with the tools needed to drive growth. Now we want to share how AI can give sales professionals more time to focus on what they do best: building customer relationships. 

We’ve identified four ways that generative AI makes work better and more productive for sellers, including creating tailored decks and pitches in minutes.

As you learned at World Tour Essentials, AI is a game-changer for customer service, offering time-saving solutions such as AI chatbots that respond immediately to customer queries or seamlessly direct more complex questions to the right person. 

Using trusted AI, leading service organisations like Reece Group have improved the customer journey to achieve a 53% increase in online sales and 11% growth in new accounts. Explore the many advantages of using generative AI to improve customer service in your own business.

Small Business — Success Tips to Help SMBs Find, Win, Keep Customers

During our small business session, innovative SMB Magentus took the stage to share how businesses of any size can increase the impact of their sales, service and marketing teams using AI — regardless of whether you have two employees or two hundred. With Starter Suite, small businesses don’t have to compromise customer relationships for efficiency. Learn about how your SMB could be doing more with less.

Transform How Your Teams Get Work Done with the Einstein 1 Platform in Slack

There was no missing Slack at World Tour Essentials Melbourne. The multiple sessions and workshops highlighted all the ways Slack can help your teams speed up processes and deliver big results using customer data and insights. Take, for example, how Slack helps Coles work four times faster. Or how Slack automations have sped up job bookings from days to just 30-60 seconds for family-owned McLeod Cranes

Now, with the integration of AI features including channel summaries, AI-powered search, and recaps, Slack is making work easier than ever. Learn how Slack AI can continue to boost your employees’ efficiency by downloading our new ebook

Since 2014, Salesforce has been the leader in AI innovation for business. We’ve deeply embedded trusted AI across our CRM apps for sales, service, marketing, commerce and more to bring predictive insights and intelligence to your entire organisation. With the newest innovations now available in Einstein 1, you can connect with your customers in a whole new way and grow productivity and your bottom line. 

Establishing your organisation as a leader in the future of AI starts with understanding the potential of CRM + AI + Data + Trust. We’ve compiled the following resources for business leaders to expand their knowledge of generative AI.

Einstein 1: The Bold New Future of Enterprise AI

Since 2014, Salesforce has set the standard for AI innovation in business. With AI embedded deeply across our CRM apps — including sales, service, marketing, and commerce — your organisation can harness predictive insights and enhanced intelligence. With the latest innovations now available in Einstein 1, you can redefine customer connections and boost productivity and your bottom line. 

Positioning your organisation as a leader in the future of AI starts with grasping the potential of CRM + AI + Data + Trust. We’ve curated a list of resources for business leaders to expand their knowledge of generative AI and its vast possibilities.

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