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The Future of AI is at World Tour Essentials Melbourne

With the potential benefits of AI evolving daily, World Tour Essentials Melbourne is your chance to see the latest ways that CRM + AI + Data + Trust can transform how you connect with customers and grow your bottom line.

The future of AI isn’t tomorrow. It’s now. We’re already living in the artificial intelligence era, where staying ahead means embracing a whole new way of connecting with your customers. With trusted AI, CRM, and data-driven solutions tailored to today’s challenges, Salesforce is right there with you on your AI journey. 

Whether you’re just starting with Salesforce or looking to deepen your existing capabilities, World Tour Essentials Melbourne is the perfect opportunity to explore the future of AI. Registration is now open, so sign up today to join us on 13 June at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre to discover the latest in Data Cloud and Einstein 1 innovations. 

You’ll hear from an impressive lineup of customer Trailblazers to see how they’re preparing for the future of AI, as well as visionary AI experts and thought leaders. Keep reading to uncover the not-to-be-missed agenda items.

The Future of AI is Coming to Melbourne

Join us at World Tour Essentials and discover new ways to succeed in the era of AI.

The AFL Kicks New Goals with CRM + AI + Data + Trust

The highlight of World Tour Essentials Melbourne is our keynote session. Trailblazer AFL will take to the stage with Salesforce leaders to share how everyone can become an Einstein with CRM + AI + Data + Trust.

In addition to the keynote, the AFL will join us for the breakout, ‘MuleSoft: Connect, Automate, and Scale AI-Powered Experiences’. This session is essential for IT leaders looking to overcome the biggest barrier to AI adoption: integration. 

Plus, be sure to attend the Sales Keynote, ‘Supercharge Selling with Trusted AI.’ This presentation will offer insights from a top Salesblazer on enhancing sales processes, increasing productivity, and driving revenue growth with the #1 AI CRM for sales.

Every Industry is Reimagined with AI

At World Tour Essentials Melbourne, you’ll have access to an impressive lineup of sessions that span the impact of AI across all business functions – from marketing to sales to service, and everything in between. 

See how marketing teams are working with AI to scale personalised campaigns that deliver better engagement while passing along the data and insights sales teams need to focus their efforts on the most promising leads. And experience how customer service is transformed by AI’s ability to predict customer needs, resolve problems faster and enhance satisfaction. For businesses big and small, AI is reshaping the entire customer journey, making every touchpoint an opportunity to deliver exceptional customer experiences. 

We’re excited to feature industry case studies from innovative organisations like and Reece Group, showcasing their success stories and helping you build a business case for AI in your sector. Whatever your industry, you’ll find new solutions in these must-attend sessions:

For Small Businesses – Success Tips to Help SMBs Find, Win, Keep Customers

Whether your business has two employees or two hundred, efficient growth is top of mind. Learn how to increase the impact of your sales, service, and marketing teams using AI.

For Marketers – Fueling Growth: The Impact of Data-Driven Marketing

Data-driven marketing drives growth and business impact. Find out how Marketing Cloud, Data Cloud and AI help small teams drive big impact, through some real-world use cases.

For Sales Teams – How Salesforce Manages Pipe and Forecasts with Confidence

Have you wondered how Salesforce manages its own sales forecasting process? Discover the role AI can play in forecasting and delivering pragmatic guidance for your sales team.

For Service Professionals – State of Service: Reimagining Service with Trusted AI + Data

Step into the AI era with confidence. Get insights from our global survey of 5,500+ service professionals to see how they’re using AI and trusted data in customer service to scale support, increase productivity, and improve satisfaction using the #1 AI CRM for service. Then hear from Reece Group on the state of service at their business.

For Financial Services – Transforming Financial Services for Enhanced Customer Success

Delve into the capabilities of Salesforce’s #1 Trusted AI CRM to foster exceptional outcomes in financial services. Understand how to harness AI to unlock insights and strengthen relationships with clients, members, and policyholders. Learn about our strategic approach to digital lending, enriching the overall banker and customer experience.

See what else is on at World Tour Essentials Melbourne

Meet the Trailblazers On Their AI Journeys

World Tour Essentials Melbourne will be abuzz with inspiring Trailblazers, including the AFL,, WBP Group, MECCA, Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission, Reece Group, Hubbl and Asahi Beverages.

Discover how these organisations have successfully implemented Salesforce’s AI-powered CRM into their operations to foster growth and connect with customers in new and exciting ways, and how you can too. 

We’ll sit down with MECCA to see how it’s using the #1 AI CRM to reimagine the omni-channel experience and bring its renowned in-store experience to life online in ‘Keeping the Customer at the Heart of Digital Transformation’.

The public sector is also transforming with AI-powered CRM. We’ll be joined by the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission to discuss how AI can assist in improving digital public service delivery in the session, ‘How Gen AI Can Improve Trust and Service Delivery for Government’.

AI is at Your Fingertips with Slack

With all the workshops and presentations on the agenda, it would be easy to spend your entire day at Slack Theatre. Attend the session ‘Transform How Your Teams Get Work Done with the Einstein 1 Platform in Slack’ to discover why Slack is the natural conversational interface to bring trusted AI right in the flow of work. With Slack and Salesforce working together to make AI more accessible than ever, your team now has powerful customer data and insights at their fingertips. 

Be sure to check the agenda and reserve time in your action-packed day to attend sessions including:

  • How Slack Helps Businesses Do More with Less
  • Put AI into the Hands of Everyone with Slack AI
  • Bring Your CRM Data Right into the Flow of Work with Sales Cloud and Slack
  • Discover How Automation Can Transform Your Work with Slack
  • Delight Customers and Drive Service Team Efficiency with Slack
  • Super Demo: Unlock Sales Productivity with Team Selling in Slack

See everything that’s on at Slack Theatre here

We’ll See You at World Tour Essentials Melbourne

The possibilities of AI are expanding every day and we’re excited to show you the latest and greatest innovations at World Tour Essentials Melbourne. You’ll discover how integrating AI with CRM doesn’t just improve productivity – it’s the next frontier for customer relationships and business growth. 

This event is your chance to transform your organisation with CRM + AI + Data + Trust. Experience firsthand the Salesforce’s AI innovations that are ready to drive your business forward in 2024 and beyond. Register now to attend World Tour Essentials Melbourne on 13 June at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Want to discover how every industry, role, and workflow is transforming with the #1 AI CRM?

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