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Everyone’s an Einstein at Salesforce World Tour Sydney 2024

From the latest AI innovation, Trailblazer stories and grants announcements to a new Golden Hoodie recipient, here are six highlights from Salesforce World Tour Sydney 2024.

Calling all Tr-AI-blazers, it’s a wrap on Salesforce World Sydney for 2024!

It was an incredible day filled with learning, connecting, giving back and where we heard all about how Salesforce is helping companies drive customer success with CRM + AI + Data + Trust.

Don’t worry if you couldn’t make it or need a recap, we have you covered with our six highlights from the day.

AI and data dominate the keynote

Frank Fillmann, Salesforce Executive Vice President and General Manager Australia, opened the keynote speaking about the rapid pace of change and innovation – not just at Salesforce, but all over the world. Nothing short of overwhelming, he said, so how do we get a grip on what’s happening in the world of AI, and make everyone an Einstein?

The Salesforce vision has always been connecting our customers with theirs, said Frank, and now the incredible new capabilities of AI allow us to do that better than ever before.

Welcome to Country by Ray Ingrey, Chairperson, Gujaga Foundation

Frank was joined on stage by Rowena Westphalen – Senior Vice President Innovation, AI and Customer Advisory – and Jess Raicebe – Data and AI Solutions Director – who spoke of the next wave of the AI revolution. From today’s reality of predictive and generative AI, Rowena shared how Salesforce is leading the way in autonomous AI.

Jess and Rowena joined forces to share the awesome power of how Data Cloud can now be combined with Einstein Copilot – announced last year at Dreamforce, and available now in beta.

Jess Raicebe, Data and AI Solutions Director, Salesforce, on how Einstein 1 unifies and unlocks all your data with Data Cloud

What is Einstein Copilot?

Einstein Copilot is a trusted out-of-the-box conversational AI assistant built into every Salesforce application.

Not only can users ask questions in natural language, they’ll also receive relevant and trustworthy answers in easy-to-understand formats, too. 

Einstein Copilot’s responses are grounded in secure, proprietary company data from Salesforce Data Cloud. It will also proactively offer options for additional actions beyond the user’s query – such as a recommended action plan after a sales call, or creating a new service knowledge article.

As part of Einstein Copilot, Salesforce users also have access to Einstein Copilot Studio – a way to create your own AI-powered apps, with custom AI models, prompt builders, and more. 

Find out more about Einstein Copilot

Einstein Copilot and Copilot Studio unlock incredible new AI capabilities across Customer 360. With seamless integration and interaction through natural language, Copilot promises to revolutionise how your teams work

The power of Data Cloud

Jess also presented a demonstration of the foundation of all great AI – robust, connected and accurate data.

With Data Cloud connecting structured and unstructured data alike, using a unified, cross-business metadata scheme, every department has access to a single source of truth about your customers.

Data Cloud allows you to prepare, transform, and harmonise customer data from a myriad of sources and providers. And it doesn’t even have to be data stored on Salesforce – “if your data is sitting within a cloud infrastructure like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, that’s fantastic,” says Jess.

“We want to help you scale your existing investments, bring that data in, unwrap it and activate it,” she added. Data Cloud has native connectors to all those platforms that can automatically bring in your data. And where native connectors aren’t present, there’s always MuleSoft.

Most exciting of all, though? Jess announced that from today, Salesforce customers can get Data Cloud for free.

Get Data Cloud for free

Powered by the Einstein 1 Platform, Data Cloud offers the fastest and most secure entry into generative AI, guaranteeing that outcomes are accurate, relevant, and grounded with your company’s data without requiring expensive model training.

How the Australian Football League creates fans for life

Jess and Rowena, along with Leandro Perez, Senior Vice President and CMO APAC, demonstrated just how interconnected your data can be by sharing how the AFL uses Data Cloud and Einstein 1 to create seamless customer experiences.

Part of the AFL’s mission is to get a footy fan in every home. To do this, it needs to drive memberships by personalising customer interactions for each and every one of its millions of fans.

These amazing experiences are only possible by leveraging their deep pool of customer data. By connecting its transactional data from Snowflake with the customer data stored in Salesforce, and folding in behavioural data from its website tracking, the AFL’s marketing and sales teams can ask Einstein Copilot to create personalised email messages, generate bespoke meeting prep documents, and even provide instant data analysis to get to the bottom of spikes in fan engagement.

Read more about AFL’s work with Salesforce here

From Salesforce novice to a Golden Hoodie 

It’s a World Tour tradition that every year we recognise a Trailblazer with a Golden Hoodie. Presented to someone who embodies our shared Salesforce values, Golden Hoodies can’t be bought – they have to be earned! 

This year we recognised Livia Viana Berto, Senior Salesforce Consultant at Swan Technology Solutions, for her inspiring journey from Salesforce novice to becoming a powerful voice for the Latino community in Australia, and an advocate for the life-changing potential of Salesforce. 

Livia Viana Berto receiving her Golden Hoodie

Feeling lost in her career, one night Livia started researching potential next steps for her career. CRM, and Salesforce, became a possibility. The next morning, on the way to work, Livia saw an ad for Salesforce on a bus stop. 

“This wasn’t an automated algorithm showing me this ad – it was an algorithm from heaven guiding me,” says Livia. 

That same day, Livia started emailing businesses, offering to work as an intern. “I got just one response from all those messages,” she remembers. “But I only needed one, right?” 

In just six short weeks, she had achieved her Salesforce System Admin certification from Trailhead. In the years since, she’s racked up more than a dozen more certifications, and gone from intern to solo Salesforce admin on a number of important client accounts. 

For Livia, Salesforce goes beyond just the day job. She also mentors and inspires other Latinos across Australia as part of her work with Latino Cygnus – a volunteer group dedicated to helping Latinos establish themselves in the IT industry and the Salesforce ecosystem.

Congratulations Livia on your fantastic achievement.

Want to kickstart your Salesforce career?

You can start a Salesforce career today, or make the jump to your next promotion, by getting Salesforce certified on Trailhead.

Helping Aussie not-for-profits with the Salesforce Catalyst Fund

One of the best parts of Salesforce World Tour Sydney every year is when we get to share the news of the latest grants awarded by the Salesforce Catalyst Fund and the Salesforce Foundation.

This year, two not-for-profit organisations from Australia received a combined $1 million AUD. DeadlyScience and the Aurora Education Foundation are both dedicated to forging pathways to equal education and career opportunities for First Nations students.

About DeadlyScience

DeadlyScience is dedicated to celebrating the knowledge of Australia’s First Scientists, and sharing it with the next generation of scientists. It works with over 800 schools and community organisations across Australia to give students access to vital STEM resources.

With the reinvestment from Salesforce, we will be able to move closer to our goal of inspiring more Indigenous students to study and pursue STEM subjects

Corey Tutt
DeadlyScience Founder and CEO
About The Aurora Education Foundation

The Aurora Education Foundation is an Indigenous organisation that supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to realise their full education and employment potential. 

The grant from Salesforce will help us to continue doing this important work, through things like our mentoring, internship and post-graduate pathways into employment

Leila Smith
CEO, Aurora Education Foundation

Catch up on the World Tour Sydney 2024 Main Keynote

Action on the campground

There were many campground activities attendees could take part in, from a Customer 360 game to test your knowledge and learn how the Einstein 1 Platform powers the #1 AI CRM, to our Giving Back space with Eat Up where attendees packed 15,000 sandwiches for the 1 in 5 Australian children who would otherwise go to school with an empty lunchbox. 

It was an incredible day filled with learning, connecting and giving back. To relive the magic check out the Main Show on demand.

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