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Today's Top IT Trends Report

Salesforce Research surveyed more than 2,200 IT leaders and CIOs to discover insights on today's top IT trends such as digital transformation, app development, the skills gap, and cloud and emerging tech.; The role of information technology is changing along with the digital landscape. Customers expect modern, mobile, and intuitive apps from the companies they interact with, and high-performing IT teams are driving innovation to ensure their businesses stay ahead of these demands. The '2016 State of IT' research report reveals stats around how top IT teams are evolving and where they are investing to propel their companies into the customer-driven era.
Digital is shaking up the IT landscape. Customers are looking for instant communication and access to information, and companies must meet this demand at lightning speed. Today, 95% of high-performing IT teams say they are excellent or above average at staying ahead of tech trends ' that's 3.7x more than underperformers. Tech adoption and speed of innovation are top of mind for IT leaders as digital changes the way they approach business strategy. The '2016 State of IT' report dives deeper into how digital transformation is affecting IT trends.

IT Leaders Focus on App Development

IT teams once focused on supporting business functions, but today they are at the forefront of innovation with dynamic apps for both customers and employees. Seventy-nine percent of IT teams are currently developing apps for customer, employees, and partners. As more apps enter the queue, speed and bandwidth become obstacles. This industry report explores how IT leaders are redefining their strategies to support quick innovation and stay ahead of digital trends.

The Skills Gap Is Widening

As app speed and development demands increase, so does the need for qualified talent. Four out of 10 top pain points IT leaders listed were skills related. So, how are high-performing IT teams overcoming this growing challenge? This research report describes how training and development, along with technology, are helping IT teams bridge the gap.

IT Teams Innovate with Cloud and Emerging Tech

IT teams who operate in the cloud are able to develop faster and stay ahead of digital trends. Cloud migration is the top priority for IT leaders across all performance levels. Beyond that, emerging tech is providing relief from time-consuming back-end development so that IT teams can focus on the business goals. Find out more about how the cloud is enabling companies to transcend digital as well as the types of emerging tech that IT leaders are planning to invest in by downloading the report.

Interested in learning more about today's IT industry trends or what strategies high performers are using to succeed? Download the '2016 State of IT' report for an in-depth look at how digital transformation is changing the industry and the ways IT leaders are innovating to succeed.