was the first in the cloud computing space to dream up a business model built on partnership. We recognized that our success hinged on building a vibrant ecosystem. Even the name “App Store” was coined and trademarked by our Chairman and CEO Marc Benioff, before being gifted to Apple.

From the beginning, Salesforce has been deeply invested in the success of each customer, developer, and partner we work with. At the foundation of it all is our multitenant cloud, because when we innovate for one, we all benefit.

This intersection of innovation and customer success has created tremendous opportunity for everyone in the Salesforce ecosystem. It’s a virtuous cycle that keeps building on itself and giving back to itself.

Our Customers

Some 1.8 million Salesforce customers now contribute to our more than ten-year-old Success Community. This group serves as a place where customers can not only connect and answer each other’s questions, but also give us feedback on what we can do better.

The IdeaExchange specifically allows customers to suggest new product features, many of which are included in our three releases a year. The Success Community has also spawned our Salesforce MVP Program, which recognizes unique members for their knowledge, leadership, and ongoing contributions.



Our App Store

The Salesforce AppExchange is the #1 enterprise app marketplace, featuring several thousand apps. In fact, more than 70% of Salesforce customers, from small businesses to enterprise companies, have installed at least one app from the AppExchange. In all, there has been more than 3 million downloads.

Each AppExchange app is pre-integrated and pre-vetted to work with all Salesforce products. These peer-reviewed apps are available for nearly any business process you can think of and can be customized to meet your company’s specific needs. And the appetite for these solutions is not slowing down. That’s where our partners come in.

Our Partners

Salesforce has the largest partner ecosystem of any tech company in the world. Our customers can trust these partners to help drive innovation across companies and industries. As a result, thousands of independent software vendors (ISVs) and developers have built businesses from their AppExchange offerings.

In addition, consultants and system integrators (SIs) provide expertise, deep technical skills, and guidance for organizations looking to better connect to their customers. We offer a range of certifications, training, and other resources, that help make growing a profitable Salesforce practice a reality.

Our Developers

Modern developers range in experience levels, from the business user, to the hardcore coder. We give Salesforce devs, almost two million strong, a toolbox of App Cloud services they can use to build employee and customer apps fast, in any language.

Drag-and-drop premade Salesforce Lightning Components speed app building. This library of quick-start tools, including 50-plus partner components, can be used with Lightning App Builder. Because our platform was designed API-first, it’s easy to deliver connected apps that unlock back office data. On top of all of this, aspiring and professional devs can grow their careers with our new learning platform, Trailhead.