During Black History Month, we are intentional about taking the time to remember the challenges and injustices black people have endured — while also recognizing the astounding feats of black visionaries who broke racial barriers and fought tirelessly for Equality.

At Salesforce, Equality is a core value. We are committed to working together with our employees, customers, partners, and peers to be the — as Congressman John Lewis says — “headlights, not taillights” on the path to Equality for all.

This month Salesforce and our black employee resource group, BOLDforce, are continuing to lead conversations in our community on how we can all address current racial equality gaps, particularly in the tech industry. One way to start tackling this issue is by counter-stereotyping. Often, we don’t see images of black scientists and technologists in our media — while black women and men have made incredible contributions to these fields.

Here are 10 remarkable black innovators in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) who defied stereotypes, battled injustice, and blazed new trails — within their fields and for the entire black community:

Katherine Johnson:



Mark Dean:



George Washington Carver:



Dr. Mae Carol Jemison:



Annie Easley:



Daniel Hale Williams:



Patricia Bath:



Lonnie G. Johnson:



Jane C. Wright:



Walter Lincoln Hawkins:


This list is only a snapshot, there are many other black visionaries who remain “hidden figures.” Want to recognize one? Tweet us @BOLDforce to join the conversation and continue our Black History Month celebration.