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The other day, I read something interesting from our partners over at Cisco. It went like this:

A new study conducted by Cisco shows that 60 percent of IoT (Internet of Things) initiatives stall at the Proof of Concept (PoC) stage and only 26 percent of companies have had an IoT initiative that they considered a complete success. Even worse: a third of all completed projects were not considered a success.

Findings like that are why Salesforce got into the business of IoT. We know our Customer Trailblazers want to utilize IoT to engage their customers and drive real business value. As Salesforce democratizes more and more of the technology behind the Fourth industrial Revolution, we saw a future where anybody — regardless of developer skill level — would be able to combine the power of IoT with customer data, creating new more intelligent, proactive customer experiences. That’s why I’m excited to announce myIoT, the next generation of Salesforce IoT — beginning with IoT Explorer, a new platform service available to any Salesforce customer with an enterprise license or above.

myIoT is a response to floundering IoT projects and the stories I hear from frustrated business leaders. There should no longer be a disconnect between the developers building IoT solutions and the sales, marketing or service teams using IoT data to drive business success. With myIoT, any Salesforce Trailblazer—ranging from full-stack developers to admins, business users and citizen developers—can collect data at IoT scale, trigger actions with real-time rules and use the power of Salesforce to engage with customers proactively through sales, service or marketing business processes.

Designed with that ethos, IoT Explorer empowers anyone to harness IoT data to build, iterate and deploy proactive sales, service or marketing business processes. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Low-code orchestration. Few companies can afford hiring a team of developers to build business apps, much less cutting-edge IoT business processes. That’s why IoT Explorer ships with an easy to use, low-code interface. Business users can point and click their way to creating rules-based automation for any connected device. For example, admins at a manufacturing company can build automated workflows that trigger service calls whenever a factory robot issues a component failure alert.
  • Customer Context. Data is meaningless without context. Service agents repairing expensive connected devices need to know if this is the customer’s second failure in a week, or if this is routine service for a healthy device. Sales teams can identify proactive sales opportunities if they know current equipment is approaching end-of-life. By connecting device, sensor and application data to the Salesforce Platform, IoT Explorer puts all that customer context in the palm of your hand.
  • Proactive Engagement. This is the key value of IoT Explorer: sell, service, and market in a way that sees around corners. And it’s all integrated. For example, admins responsible for scheduling service calls at a local car dealer can now build automated workflows that trigger those calls whenever cars pass certain mileage markers. And the service teams working on those cars, knowing the full history of the vehicle, may trigger a proactive sales opportunity if the vehicle is approaching end-of-life.

By making it easy to connect device, sensor and application data to the Salesforce Platform, and putting that power in the palm of your hand, myIoT is going to unleash the creativity of an Internet of Trailblazers worldwide.

Come see us at Dreamforce to learn more about myIoT, IoT Explorer and how Customer Trailblazers already use this groundbreaking technology:

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Salesforce IoT Explorer is generally available as a platform service, starting at $6000 per month for any organization with an enterprise license or above.