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Recapping the 2018 Holiday Season and How to Keep Up in the New Year

Recapping the 2018 Holiday Season and How to Keep Up in the New Year

When we look at retail marketing trends, not only should you notice things that are happening during the holidays, but you should look at trend data all year.

For our latest episode of the Marketing Cloudcast, we brought industry experts Rob Garf, VP Industry Strategy and Insights, and Caila Schwartz, Senior Business Intelligence Analyst to share their thoughts on the latest trends and how to put these into practice in 2019.

According to Rob, “[These insights] really allow retailers and marketers to think about what their strategy should look like in the beginning part of the year and beyond, not only to make longer-term investments but how to really move the needle today. When we look at the trends, they’re not only things that are happening during the holidays — although it’s certainly very acute during this time period, where consumers or I should say retailers go from red to black, as Black Friday indicates and become profitable — but it’s something that they should look at all year long.”

Check out our latest podcast episode of the Marketing Cloudcast to learn more:

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Megan is a product marketing manager for the Go-To-Market team focused on Retail and Consumer Goods for Marketing Cloud. She also hosts the Marketing Cloudcast — where trailblazers talk marketing. Check it out at

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