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A CRM is Critical to Unlocking the Full Power of Your EHR

A woman in a white lab coat discusses the healthcare platform data seen on a tablet with a patient.
Contacting patients on their preferred channels not only creates better experiences but makes it more likely they’ll stick to their care plan.

Healthcare platforms that offer AI capabilities and automation can strengthen operational efficiencies that improve patient experiences.

When a patient is hurt or sick, all they want is to get better. But organizations often place many burdensome steps in the care journey — schedule an appointment, fill out form after form, wait to see a doctor, get a prescription or referral — it’s exhausting, especially when they’re not feeling well. 

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) were first introduced as a way to optimize the record-keeping process. Rather than relying on paper files, EHRs revolutionized the healthcare industry via digital record indexing, analysis, and retrieval. But while EHRs were designed to store and protect patient data, they don’t always easily connect to other software platforms, leading to a disconnected patient experience.

People expect a better experience from their healthcare provider — one that parallels what they receive from consumer brands. Connecting Your EHR and CRM  can make the experiences you deliver to both patients and prospects better, while also helping your organization save money.

It’s critical for healthcare and life sciences leaders to know about the importance of integrating new technologies with their EHR. In this webinar, Salesforce’s integration experts get straight to the point about how to connect your EHR and CRM properly. 

Hear from featured experts Ann Blanchard, Director of Patient Access and Capacity Management, Nebraska Medicine, Donna Weis, Director of Information Systems, Nebraska Medicine, Sophia Chege, Integrated Technology Solutions Manager, Nebraska Medicine, and Sean Kennedy, Vice President and General Manager of Strategy & Solutions, Salesforce.

Update your healthcare platform with the free webinar where you’ll learn: 

  • Why you need an EHR and CRM to make your clinical data actionable.
  • The tried-and-true best practices and common pitfalls of any integration project.
  • A real-life take on integrating a CRM with the EHR from the regional health system of Nebraska Medicine.

Watch the free webinar now and connect your EMR and CRM with all the support you need today.

Master Class: Connecting Your EHR and CRM

It’s important to connect new technologies with electronic health records (EHRs) properly. Learn how Nebraska Medicine integrated their healthcare platform technology, what challenges they faced, and which best practices to follow when you’re ready to take the next step.

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