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6 Ways To Try Out the Latest AI and Data Innovations From Salesforce

People learning at computers during a Salesforce event.
Find learning events and resources to discover how AI and data will transform your applications.

Get hands-on with Data Cloud, Prompt Builder, and Einstein Copilot today.

We are in the midst of the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution, which is creating the most significant shifts and opportunities for Salesforce Admins and Developers in decades. Now is the time to explore how AI and data will transform applications and the way you build them. We’ve built a series of learning events and resources to help you dive deeper and get hands-on with Data Cloud, Prompt Builder, and Einstein Copilot right now. Regardless of your learning style, we have deep technical AI and data learning opportunities for everyone.

Learn to unlock data and build with AI

Trailhead, Salesforce’s free online learning platform, provides you with your own free custom practice org, provisioned with Prompt Builder, Einstein Copilot, and Data Cloud, to get hands-on experience in a sandbox environment. While the org expires after 14 days, you can create as many as you need to keep your learning going. 

You can get started by checking out Einstein Copilot, the conversational AI assistant for CRM. Learn how to use copilot actions and create custom actions that are unique to your organization. And dive into Prompt Builder, which lets you create and use prompts anywhere, with the Einstein Copilot and Prompt Builder Quick Starts on Trailhead. 

Data Cloud and Einstein Copilot practice environments
Create your own practice environments and get hands-on experience with Einstein generative AI today.

With Data Cloud, you can connect your enterprise data across systems to gain insights and create more personalized customer experiences. Get hands-on and learn how to ingest, unify, harmonize, and act on your data with the Unlock Your Data with Data Cloud trail and the Quick Start: Enhance Data with Insights project.

Say hello to Einstein Copilot

Your trusted conversational AI assistant for CRM gives everyone the power to get work done faster. It’s a total game-changer for your company.

Show off your AI innovations with the #BuiltWithEinstein Quest

Salesforce Admins and Developers can seamlessly embed AI across every Salesforce app and workflow with the low-code tools of Einstein 1 Studio. Now is your opportunity to showcase what you’ve built with Prompt Builder and Copilot Builder, and inspire others to bring their first prompt or action to life. Plus, you’ll be entered for a chance to win* a Dreamforce 2024 pass or #BuiltWithEinstein T-shirt.

Showcase what you’ve #BuiltWithEinstein
Show off your AI use cases and enter for a chance to win a #BuiltWithEinstein T-shirt or a Dreamforce pass.

Build a prompt with Prompt Builder or an action with Copilot Builder and share your use case in a screen-recorded video on X or LinkedIn with the hashtag #BuiltWithEinstein. Take the quest today.

Join an AI + Data Community Tour stop

Seven people at one table on laptops at the AI + Data Community Tour stop in Greece, with others working in stadium seating in the background.

Join an in-person or virtual Community Group meetup to get hands-on with Salesforce AI products in a friendly, welcoming environment. Developer and Admin Community Groups around the world are coming together for local meetings focused on Einstein Copilot, Prompt Builder, and Data Cloud, featuring guided instruction led by a Salesforce Developer Advocate or Admin Evangelist. At these 2-hour meetups, you’ll see a presentation and demo to show the importance of data for building AI applications, then jump into a short, hands-on activity to use the different tools and technologies that Salesforce offers to bring AI + Data to your organization. Plus, you’ll connect with community members to meet and learn from your peers. This is your chance to get started implementing AI + Data technologies alongside developers and admins like you.

Find an upcoming AI + Data Community Tour stop in your area
We offer three versions of the event: in-person, virtual, and community group-led.

Attend the AI NOW Tour

If you’re a developer or admin, consider joining a free, intensive, all-day workshop led by Salesforce Developer Advocates and Admin Evangelists, who’ll walk you through hands-on activities in Data Cloud, Prompt Builder, and Einstein Copilot. These workshops include:

  • Introduction and Fundamentals — Get inspired and explore the basics of generative AI and data.
  • Hands-on with Data Cloud — Start with Data Cloud to connect your data streams and unify your CRM data through identity resolution and CRM enrichment.
  • Hands-on with Prompt Builder Pt. 1 — Incorporate generative AI into your organization with Prompt Builder by creating custom prompts.
  • Lunch!
  • Hands-on with Prompt Builder Pt. 2 — Generate dynamic field values and enriched data interactions with Prompt Triggered Flows, and enhance data utility across your organization.
  • Hands-on with Einstein Copilot — Set up and use standard actions and see how to perform tasks using AI. Learn how to extend your copilot with custom actions, and use Flow, Prompt, and Apex Actions to integrate and automate tasks across Salesforce.
  • Advanced AI Use Cases — Discover how to bring AI into every app you build using Salesforce APIs, tools, and advanced prompt template concepts.

Register for an upcoming event in your area, and check back often as we add more dates.

Everyone has been talking about AI and Data Cloud, and it was so cool to get hands-on experience, and specifically to see how Data Cloud feeds AI.

Renada Dukalskis
Salesforce Administrator
People with laptops at an in-person hands-on workshop.

Participate in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Salesforce Developers

Ask your technical questions directly to Salesforce Product Managers and Developer Advocates in live Q&A sessions. At AMA sessions, you’ll experience real-world demos that show you how to develop custom AI solutions, grounded in your customer data, with the model of your choice. And if you miss a session, don’t worry, we have you covered. You can watch replays of each episode of the series anytime.

Join on LinkedIn or YouTube:

Attend a World Tour in your city

World Tours are free, 1-day events where you can explore hundreds of sessions and product demos to discover new solutions for your industry. Join us in the Trailblazer Forest, where we bring together admins, developers, and architects to get hands-on with AI and data, and attend technical activities and demos on the latest Salesforce technology. Leave these events with an actionable plan for your company. You can also participate in a Hands-On Workshop, led by product experts, where you can build your first prompt with Einstein Prompt Builder, build your own copilot, or learn to ingest and harmonize data in Data Cloud.

Attend a World Tour or stream on Salesforce+
AI is here, and it’s changing what’s possible. Explore sessions and product demos to see how data and AI can improve your customer experiences and fuel growth. All in 1 day, all for free.

Now is your chance to learn directly from Salseforce experts. Whether you learn best in a group, in-person, or online, there’s something that you can do today to get started. Start learning how you can build and implement AI solutions for your business with Salesforce.

*Official rules apply. See the Trailblazer Quests page for full details and restrictions.

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