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How Conagra Brands Became a Consumer-Centric Company

How Conagra Brands Became a Consumer-Centric Company

Learn how Conagra evolved business engagement and reinvented itself as a new type of consumer goods (CG) company — one that puts the consumer at the center of everything.

Conagra Brands has reinvented itself as a new type of consumer goods (CG) company — one that puts the consumer at the center of everything. The 100-year-old company with a robust portfolio of food brands ranging from Hunt’s Tomatoes to Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP produces quality food that meets modern expectations, delivered how consumers want it. 

When Conagra saw that their world had changed more in the last five years than in the last 50 — faced with a rapidly-shifting marketplace, increased competition, and a pivot in the consumer mindset when it comes to food — they saw an opportunity. 

“Consumers are changing — the technology is empowering them like never before,” says DeLu Jackson, vice president of Precision Marketing. “You have to watch that transition based on that technology and think, ‘How do I apply my brands to that dynamic environment?’” 

To stay agile, Conagra sought to enable marketers to make demand- and insights-driven decisions and establish a partner portal that acts as a one-stop-shop. They turned to Salesforce to be their partner in the transformation, power their ability to meet their goals and scale, and prepare for the future. And it all started with prioritizing the consumer experience. 

Keep reading to learn how Conagra evolved business engagement with this consumer journey. 

1. Learn, analyze, and build better marketing campaigns 

Conagra’s team of marketers can make better decisions based on consumer behavior and actions with the help of Datorama. Connected to Salesforce Customer 360, Datorama aggregates data across all touchpoints — email, Google, paid social, and even data from partner ad agencies — for a single view of campaign performance. 

Marketers can see how every marketing dollar impacts the bottom line — and how it all maps to Conagra’s brands. For example, if there’s a big spend on social for a seasonal campaign, but it’s actually not a top revenue channel, marketers can move that money around. 

This data can inform future campaigns, too. The single dashboard tracks current campaigns and surfaces insights using artificial intelligence (AI) with details on high-performing partner-run campaigns. 

2. Digitize the retail channel partner experience 

Conagra empowers its partners with self-service capabilities, enabling them to view recent orders, access new product details, and place orders in just a few clicks with B2B Commerce. From the single platform, partners can order hundreds of SKUs at a time, pre-negotiate discounts, and ship to multiple addresses (without putting in multiple orders). Plus, they have payment options to choose their preferred method, such as a credit card or an automated clearinghouse. 

3. Win over partners with automated workflows 

If a partner navigates away from the platform while adding items, Lightning Flow can build an abandoned shopping cart journey. The partner receives a message on their preferred channel — like email, a messaging app, or SMS — asking them to resume the order. The partner can interact with a bot within the same message to complete and customize the order. 

4. Deliver the most personalized service experiences 

For orders over a certain size, Conagra has instituted a rule that partners connect with agents. From the Service Cloud console, the agent gets a 360-view to see past orders and chat history. This empowers agents to interact in a personalized way, help to complete orders, and make changes on the partner’s behalf. 

“If you think of yourself as a true consumer innovator, then you have to keep pace with that consumer,” says Jackson. Shifting to a customer-centric model has enabled Conagra to deliver better experiences for partners, which turns into the best experiences for consumers. 


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Sunil Rao of Salesforce
Sunil Rao VP & GM, Consumer Goods

Sunil Rao is a vice president and general manager for Consumer Goods at Salesforce. He is focused on helping companies become more autonomous, intelligent, and connected.

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