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Introducing Consultants and Partner Intelligence on AppExchange

Introducing Consultants and Partner Intelligence on AppExchange

Today Salesforce announces two new products: Consultants on AppExchange and AppExchange Partner Intelligence.

Insights and data are no longer just “nice to have” — they’re critical components for every business. That’s why providing our partners and customers with insight-driven AppExchange experiences enable our ecosystem to make the right business decisions.

Today, AppExchange’s journey of growth and innovation takes a leap forward with the launch of two new products:

AppExchange is growing tremendously alongside our entire ecosystem of partners and customers. There are currently over 5,000 solutions available that have been installed by customers over 6.5 million times. The future is bright with new features for both customers and partners, so let’s dive in.

Easily find the right consultants for your needs

AppExchange gives customers access to over 65,000 Salesforce-accredited consultants from more than 1,000 partners. These consultants offer strategic guidance, deep technical skills, relevant industry expertise, project implementations, the handling of integrations and migrations, and much, much more.

“Consultants on AppExchange” is available now and easy to find using the top navigation bar in the AppExchange header. Under the “Consultants” tab, you’ll find these new features.


On the Consultants page, you can use filters to find partners by product specialization, industry, location, and practice size. These filter capabilities are backed by data collected through our Partner Navigator certification program, Salesforce’s program to evaluate each partner based on a variety of factors (like industry expertise, product knowledge, and customer success record).

Consultant Finder

Within the Consultants page, you’ll find “Consultant Finder” — a guided search engine to help narrow down your search by answering a few questions. Specific search criteria — such as preferred location, company size, and product and industry expertise — will help you get started. Then, you can further filter their searches based on consultant rating and language preference.

Consultant Listing

Once you find a consultant, you can click through to their listing page to read more. Similar to app listings, Consultant Listings include an overview of their business, relevant content and images, and contact information. But there’s more to these listings! You can easily evaluate potential consultants on key metrics like rating, completed project count, certified employee number, and tier. Additionally, the interactive map will help you find expertise in your area.

Partners get access to new analytics for better performance

To deliver the best customer experience possible, partners need data, flexibility, and insights. In order to build better solutions, they need to be able to understand:

  • Where traffic to their listing is coming from
  • What search terms their potential customers are using
  • The journey and conversion of potential customers
  • How many individual users at customer companies are using their application
  • What new features are being adopted and how quickly
  • User behavior within applications

To meet these needs, we’re putting intelligence directly in the hands of our partners with AppExchange Partner Intelligence, a completely new set of analytics functionalities to help partners run a smarter AppExchange business.

To understand this new offering, you must understand the two facets of AppExchange Partner Intelligence:

An example Salesforce Einstein dashboard that partners can use to visualize AppExchange App Analytics data

AppExchange Marketplace Analytics (generally available in summer 2019)

includes robust analytics — with a dashboard UI powered by Einstein Analytics — to give technology partners and consultants insight into how visitors get to and engage with their AppExchange listing. Think of Marketplace Analytics as the pre-conversion activities that visitors take before becoming a customer.

Now, partners will be able to:

  • See top AppExchange search terms and traffic sources
  • Analyze data by multiple time periods
  • Understand how their solution is performing and opportunities to optimize Market-place-analytics

AppExchange App Analytics (generally available in June 2019)

Enables AppExchange partners to track app adoption usage data in order to uncover trends and influence roadmap decisions. With this understanding of user adoption across their customer base, partners gain insight into their most commonly used and underused features. With AppExchange App Analytics in Lightning, partners will be able to:

  • Drive adoption and usage
  • Understand how frequently customers use their apps
  • Optimize user experience based on trends and patterns
  • See how time is being spent within the app

Creating a stronger ecosystem for customers and partners

With these new products and features, Consultants on AppExchange will make it easier for customers to find the right experts and solutions for any business challenge they face. And as this process becomes easier for customers, partners will also be able to better track how they engage with listings and solutions. It’s a win-win for all AppExchange users, making it quicker for people to find the tools and resources to make their business successful.

To learn more, take a closer look at Consultants on AppExchange and AppExchange Partner Intelligence.

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