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Discover New Release Features with the Learn MOAR Summer ’23 Quests

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Learn MOAR Trailhead Quests package up release highlights in an easy-to-digest format. Find out what keeps Salesforce Admins and Developers coming back for MOAR.

Salesforce releases thousands of innovative features and functionality with every Salesforce release in Spring, Summer, and Winter. Hundreds of pages of release notes and dozens of resources that review the new features accompany each seasonal release. Finding information most relevant to your role as a Salesforce Admin or Developer can be both tricky and time-consuming. Enter Learn MOAR.

Over the years, tens of thousands of Salesforce Admins and Developers have completed a Learn MOAR Quest. We hope you’re next! Not familiar with Learn MOAR? Never heard of a Trailhead Quest? No problem. We’ve got you covered.

What are the Learn MOAR Summer ’23 Quests?

With each new Salesforce release, a Learn MOAR Quest is born. Trailhead Quests combine the challenge of learning new skills on Trailhead—Salesforce’s free online learning platform—with the allure of winning amazing prizes. We know that learning is its own reward, but there’s always room for a little extra motivation! 

With the Salesforce Summer ’23 release, we’ve created a Learn MOAR Summer ’23 Quest for admins and a Learn MOAR Summer ’23 Quest for developers. These quests package up the Summer ’23 release features and functionality resources for admins and developers into two easy-to-digest Trailhead trailmixes. Trailmixes are custom learning paths you create from your favorite trails, modules, projects, and superbadges.

Your next question may be, “What does MOAR in ‘Learn MOAR’ stand for?” We get that one a lot and the answer may surprise you. It doesn’t stand for anything! It’s internet slang, a mashup of the words “more” and “roar,” and we use it in many places around Trailhead when we’re especially excited about something.  

Now that you’re caught up, let’s hear what your fellow Trailblazers have to say about Learn MOAR.

Why Trailblazers love learning MOAR

There are many reasons to love Learn MOAR, but here are the three we hear most often.

1. Learn MOAR saves you time.

We know Salesforce Admins and Developers are busy. After each release, the Salesforce Admin and Developer Relations teams work on compiling and organizing the key release highlights in one place so you don’t have to. If you see a topic that’s more relevant to you, you can always dig in and investigate further with the resources provided. Respondents to our anonymous survey said:

“I like how there are bite-sized chunks along with links to the entire release notes to help us learn more about the big important or game-changing updates first, and how we have the ability to then look at everything to see what can help us or our clients.”

“Learn MOAR is organized, well-documented, detailed, and easy for admins and others to spend time reviewing.”

2. There are multiple ways to learn.

We know everyone likes to learn in their own way. Whether you’re a Triple Star Ranger or working on your first Trailhead badge, Learn MOAR offers a variety of different content formats to help you understand the key release highlights. Some admins and developers from our anonymous survey shared:

“I appreciated the multiple ways you shared the information—through text, video, and quizzes. It was a well-thought-out and clear way to deliver the upcoming changes. I look forward to doing the next one.”

“As someone who is new to Salesforce, it was really helpful to see everything Salesforce is capable of in small bites.”

3. It’s fun!

Learn MOAR Quests make learning fun. Upon completing the developer or admin (or both!) Learn MOAR Quest trailmixes, you’ll earn a custom badge to display in your Trailhead account! Badges will be awarded at the end of the release, so don’t panic if you don’t see your shiny new badge right away! Survey recipients love spicing up learning with quests:

“It made the whole experience of learning about the new release very easy as well as interactive and interesting.”

“I love that Learn MOAR has well-managed content so that I can get all the release information in one place with fun.”

How to participate in the Learn MOAR 23 Quests

Now that you’ve heard why Trailblazers love these quests, are you ready to dive in? Head over to the Trailhead Quests page and look for the Admin and Developer Learn MOAR trailmixes. After you’ve completed the quests, be sure to join a Trailblazer Community group to connect with other amazing Trailblazers from around the world.

Check out these groups in the Trailblazer Community:

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