6 Ways the New Marketing Cloud Release Can Help You up Your Game
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6 Ways the New Marketing Cloud Release Can Help You up Your Game

New capabilities in our latest Marketing Cloud release help optimize the customer journey, connect existing apps, and create efficiencies without an additional price tag.

The latest Marketing Cloud release is now live! With each update, Salesforce Marketing Cloud builds on our promise to help marketers:

  • unify and manage customer data
  • personalize content and offers with artificial intelligence (AI)
  • engage across every channel
  • measure results

The world around us continues to change. We want you to get more out of Marketing Cloud, so you can help more customers — no matter what edition you use. The new capabilities in our May 2020 release help you optimize the customer journey, connect your existing applications, and create efficiencies in the Marketing Cloud products you know and love, without an additional price tag.

Here’s a quick look at six new features that increase the functionality of your Marketing Cloud products. 

For a deep-dive with Salesforce experts on all the new features, watch our on-demand New Feature Overview webinar.

1. Path Optimizer

Testing message content is standard practice for marketers. With Path Optimizer, you have a new opportunity to test customer journey paths as well. Experiment by running one or multiple tests in a journey, and choose the winning path by engagement level or whatever criteria you choose. Moving forward, your new contacts will automatically receive the winning path. Keep running tests to gain new insights and optimize your customers’ experience.

See how Path Optimizer works.

2. Datorama Connector for Pardot

Pardot users, take note: the Datorama Connector for Pardot taps into Datorama’s analytics, visualization, and reporting tools to present a complete view of your leads funnel and help to better measure your campaigns. This feature enriches the existing connection between Pardot and Datorama by adding new data sets for lead generation and additional data fields for email campaigns.

Learn how you can leverage Datorama Connector for Pardot.

3. Datorama integration with Tableau

Datorama users can now bring their cross-channel marketing data to life with visualizations in Tableau. Tableau users will enjoy a connected, accurate data set to optimize their marketing budgets and activities. 

Discover new ways to visualize your data.

4. Marketing Cloud Einstein Overview Dashboard

This new dashboard brings all of Einstein’s features together in one place. Access all Einstein reports and visualizations for a full picture of how customers engage with your campaigns.

Find out more about the Einstein Overview Dashboard.

5. Single Send Journey enhancements

Powered by a guided, visual workflow in Journey Builder, Single Send Journeys provide a new way to publish and monitor simple, standalone messages that aren’t connected to a campaign. It can be used for simple or complex journeys to drive visibility across campaigns and deliver a consistent user experience across channels.

Discover new efficiencies in Single Send Journeys.

6. Distributed Marketing enhancements

Finding and sending content is now more efficient than ever. Use this feature to schedule Quick Send messages — no more early wake-ups just to hit send! Plus Distributed Marketing’s new content marketplaces are organized by meaningful and customizable categories, providing the visuals and structure you need to quickly find what you’re looking for.

Learn more about the latest Distributed Marketing Enhancements,

Watch our on-demand New Feature Webinar to learn more about what the May 2020 Marketing Cloud release has to offer.