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Welcoming the New MuleSoft Ambassador Cohort of 2023

It’s the best time of year: announcing MuleSoft Community members who have joined the ranks of the MuleSoft Ambassador Cohort 2023 program!

It’s the best time of year — we’re announcing the amazing MuleSoft Community members who have joined the ranks of the MuleSoft Ambassador program. This cohort is our largest ever! We are thrilled to welcome 34 new MuleSoft Ambassadors, bringing us to 70 incredible contributors in total. 

Here are a few special highlights about our newest cohort: 

  • Nine new female Ambassadors – largest number of new female Ambassadors admitted! Go Women Who Mule!
  • We have developers, architects, business users, admins, ITDMs, and executives spanning nine countries across North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific 
  • Average of more than four years of MuleSoft experience either in a technical or IT leader role (or both) 
  • First automation-focused MuleSoft Ambassadors! Yay for MuleSoft Composer and MuleSoft RPA!
  • For the first time ever, three Salesforce MVPs are becoming MuleSoft Ambassadors. We can’t wait to collaborate even closer across communities! MuleSoft + Salesforce = better together.

Apply or nominate someone today!

Want to see your favorite Muley on this list next year, or maybe know you’d be a perfect fit? Don’t wait – nominate (someone else or yourself)!

Who are MuleSoft Ambassadors?

MuleSoft Ambassadors are the best of the best in the MuleSoft Community. They create a majority of the amazing tutorials, blogs, and videos you see. These individuals raise their hand to speak at events like TDX, Dreamforce, and World Tours as well as lead or speak at global Meetup events. MuleSoft Ambassadors undergo months of coaching by previous MuleSoft Ambassadors and challenge themselves to build their brand within the MuleSoft ecosystem.

Introducing the newest 34 MuleSoft Ambassadors

Anand Ajjarapu, Co-Founder at BlueLoop

Anand joined us as one of our original 16 MuleSoft Mentors back in 2021 and has excelled since then. As a leading voice in both the integration and automation industries with extensive product knowledge on Anypoint Platform and MuleSoft RPA, Anand is a great resource for anyone looking to get started with MuleSoft. 

Ananda Sankar-Joardar, Integration Architect at TCS

If you’re looking for excellent technical deep dives and extensive YouTube tutorials, Ananda is here to help. He specializes in helping developers and admins solve complex integration issues using Anypoint Platform and MuleSoft Composer. Ananda is multi-MuleSoft certified with years of experience.

Anderson Shorey, Manager, Integration Services at Sagicor

Anderson has extensive experience using MuleSoft to enable his team to integrate more efficiently and effectively. He is an excellent mentor to others, represents MuleSoft and Tableau at conferences like TDX, and encourages his entire team to get involved in the MuleSoft Community.

Anurag Sharma, Technical Lead at Nagarro

From speaking and leading MuleSoft Meetups to helping hundreds of individuals in his local community become MuleSoft certified, Anurag is the first to raise his hand to help. He’s dedicated to enabling university students and those looking for a career change to learn MuleSoft. Anurag creates amazing technical content as well.

Aravind Ramadugu, Sr. Manager at Accenture

Aravind is one of our best MuleSoft Meetup Leaders and Meetup Speakers. He’s always eager to share his knowledge and speaks at both Salesforce events and external industry events to evangelize MuleSoft as much as possible. With his years of experience, he creates helpful material for MuleSoft Developers and Architects.

Ashish Pardhi, Solutions Architect at Apisero

Ashish creates some of the highest quality YouTube tutorials you can find about MuleSoft. Whether you’re a beginning or advanced user, Ashish is always willing to answer difficult questions and create supporting content to help others learn. He also has built an incredibly successful personal brand as a Muley.

Audrey Honeycutt, Integration Architect at IntegrationQuest

Audrey is an inspiration to so many. She originally taught herself MuleSoft to be able to complete a project for a previous role and now is a MuleSoft instructor herself. Audrey is a Meetup Leader, speaker, and loves to coach individuals to improve as MuleSoft users and as MuleSoft Community Leaders.

Brian Fraser, Sr. Integration Consultant at Capgemini

If you ever need encouragement along your MuleSoft journey, Brian is always available. He is a MuleSoft expert and frequently shares his knowledge with others as a MuleSoft Meetup Leader and speaker. Brian is a trusted advisor to the MuleSoft Training program as well, offering advice, reviewing exams, and helping us create the best certifications possible.

Everardo Flores, Lead Engineer at Apisero

Everardo is an inspiration to our LATAM community, always striving to create excellent tutorials in Spanish and help more individuals learn MuleSoft in their local language. He is a fantastic blogger with some of the best performing content on Another Integration Blog. Everardo works hard to expand his skills in order to provide the best support to the most people.

Giridhar Meka, Sr. Architect at Deloitte

Giridhar is an overachiever when it comes to MuleSoft Meetups. Not only does he maintain a very active group, he finds top-notch speakers, creates unique session topics, and welcomes everyone. Giridhar also shares his extensive knowledge through blogs with topics for beginning to advanced MuleSoft users.

Gaurav Kheterpal, CEO at Vanshiv Technologies

A leader in every sense of the word, Gaurav makes an incredible impact wherever he focuses his energy. His efforts to advance the power of MuleSoft Automation have been monumental (think taking the stage across nearly all our flagship events) and critically important when it has come to inspiring and encouraging others. Also recently inducted into the Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame, Gauarv is leading the way when it comes to cross-community collaboration. 

Jennifer Cole, Director of Business Intelligence & Automation at 908 Devices

As our first MuleSoft Composer evangelist, Jen has been a leading force from the beginning. She has jumped at every opportunity to champion and help others and continues to share her knowledge near and far, whether that means taking center stage at top tier events, participating in various community programs, and more. Jen is truly the kindest force to be reckoned with.

Joey Chan, Founder and Principal Consultant at Cloud Jedi Solutions

With a remarkable desire to help others and a deep understanding of both MuleSoft and Salesforce product offerings, Joey has quickly become a standout leader within the Automation space. In addition to his responsibilities as a Salesforce MVP, he is a passionate MuleSoft advocate and educator who never turns down the chance to engage others in learning opportunities and lend a helping hand through formal and informal mentorship. 

Jorge Lebrato, Digital Architecture Manager at NTT Data

A driving force in our Iberia community, Jorge is a fantastic Meetup Leader and speaker. He creates excellent content in Spanish to enable his local community. Jorge is multi-MuleSoft certified and mentors many users just starting to learn MuleSoft.

Larry Mayers, Integration Architect at Sagicor

Larry is extremely passionate about the MuleSoft Community. Along with Anderson Shorey, he is working to build a community in Barbados and enable more of their local community to learn MuleSoft. Larry is an avid speaker on MuleSoft and Tableau joint use cases as well as sharing his own experience learning MuleSoft to inspire others.

Leonardo Gonzales, MuleSoft Consultant at Cognizant

From Mexico City to Madrid, Leonardo evangelizes MuleSoft everywhere he goes. He is a blogger for ProstDev and has many years of MuleSoft experience. Leonardo is committed to enabling others to skill up with MuleSoft and is always willing to put in the extra time to help anyone who needs it.

Lilly-Ann Hulse, Digital and Technology Degree Apprentice at Bentley

Lilly-Ann is an inspiration for all young women in the MuleSoft Community. She is the best of the best when it comes to personal development and challenging oneself as a MuleSoft Community Leader. From sessions at Dreamforce, CONNECT, starting a vlog, writing blogs, to Twitch streams, Lilly-Ann is the first to raise her hand for a new opportunity. 

Mark Knox, Architect at AVIO Consulting

Mark is one of the most knowledgeable MuleSoft experts we have in the MuleSoft Community. He is an amazing support system for all developers and architects needing help solving their company’s toughest integration challenges. Mark holds all MuleSoft certifications and shares his expertise through Meetups and blogs.

Melissa Shephard, Founder & CEO at Lizztech Consulting

Melissa is another inspiration for women in the MuleSoft and Salesforce ecosystems. She is an exceptional resource for those looking to become Certified Technical Architects and exploring how MuleSoft and Salesforce work together. Melissa is a huge support in helping us build strong bonds across the MuleSoft and Salesforce communities.

Myra Wilson, Salesforce Solution Architect at Trimble

As one of our earliest adopters of MuleSoft Composer, Myra certainly led the way when it came to evangelizing this new product and helping others upskill. Not only is she leading the charge when it comes to architecting the latest solutions to automate more of her business processes, but she is also helping to blaze trails for others as she shares her path to success with others.

Nadina Lisbon, CRM Enterprise Architect at NetApp

Nadina is a huge resource for Trailblazers interested in learning MuleSoft. As a Salesforce MVP, she actively advocates for joint Salesforce and MuleSoft users to challenge themselves and expand their contributions into the MuleSoft Community. Nadina creates excellent beginner content all while skilling up on Anypoint Platform and MuleSoft Composer herself.

Pooja Kamath, President and Chief Architect at API Insights

If you are looking for a thought leader, Pooja should be your first contact. She is always looking to the future for integration and automation and finding new creative ways to solve business challenges. Pooja is an avid podcaster, blogger, speaker, and mentor – she does it all!

Prashanth Kurimella, Principal Solutions Architect at OpenLogix

Prashanth is another of our most technologically advanced MuleSoft users. He goes above and beyond to answer questions, mentor others, and share his knowledge with as many community members as possible. He has many years of experience and all of the MuleSoft certifications.

Rahul Pahuja, Global Director, MuleSoft at Slalom

Rahul is a champion externally and internally, always taking the time to evangelize MuleSoft. He is an avid speaker at events like TDX and Dreamforce and through MuleSoft Meetups. Rahul enables his entire team to be active MuleSoft Community Leaders and mentors many of our future MuleSoft Ambassadors.

Rajesh Nagarajan, Integration Solution Architect at AVEVA

Often described as one of the most dependable Community Leaders, Rajesh never backs down from an opportunity to offer a helping hand. Whether it means joining an impromptu community panel, taking the lead on a presentation at the last minute, or attending every local in-person event because of his deep MuleSoft expertise, we can always count on Rajesh to show up prepared and excited to participate. 

Rolando Carrasco, CTO at SPS

Rolando has been a leading MuleSoft Community member for many years. He is very committed to sharing his expertise and challenges himself to explore ways MuleSoft, Salesforce, Slack, and Tableau can work better together. Rolando encourages and supports many in the LATAM community.

Shivakant Sahu, Sr. Solutions Architect at Apisero

Shivakant is an awesome Meetup Leader, speaker, and technical tutorial creator. His expertise covers all Anypoint Platform products and he’s a great resource for advanced users looking to dive even deeper into MuleSoft. Shivakant is a great mentor to many.

Shivani Marrero, Sr. Integrations Consultant at IntegrationQuest

With 20+ years of experience in the integration space, Shivani came to our Community with a wealth of knowledge. Since then, she has spent every day working to share her expertise with others. She is the first to volunteer her time and efforts to serve the greater needs of the Community and does so with joy! 

Shubham Chaurasia, Integration Developer at Billennium

Shubham is a man of words, which perfectly describes the content he writes. He’s an expert MuleSoft storyteller and explains Anypoint Platform in a manner that is easy to understand and learn from. He’s knowledgeable and a great coach for beginners.

Sonal Sharma, Associate Director at Capgemini

Sonal spearheaded the Women Who Mule APAC group and hasn’t looked back. She champions women in tech and Muleys everywhere she goes and she inspires many with her in-depth knowledge and her thought leadership abilities. Sonal is an excellent speaker and willing to help everyone learn MuleSoft. 

Steve Clarke, Director, EMEA at Slalom

Steve is another thought leader to put on your radar. With many years of experience and intensive integration expertise, he is an amazing resource for anyone who wants to learn about MuleSoft and the impact it has on a company’s efficiency. Steve is also actively involved in our newest hyperautomation product offerings including MuleSoft RPA and MuleSoft Composer.

Tony Defusco, Enterprise Application Engineer at Brown University

If you need technical support, there is no one more up for the challenge than Tony. Tony started his journey with MuleSoft a long time ago and has seen the ins and outs of Anypoint Platform over the many years he’s been in the MuleSoft Community. He is an avid MuleSoft enthusiast from blogging and forum support to basically running our MuleSoft Community Slack technical question channel. 

Venkat Koduri, VP of Technology at Bank of America

Venkat is always available to lend a helping hand to others. He is incredibly knowledgeable about MuleSoft and the integration industry as a whole. Venkat is a champion for other MuleSoft Community Leaders and is a great help to our product teams as he always has ideas for improving MuleSoft.

Wahid Mohammad, CEO at Plekton Labs

As one of our longest MuleSoft Community members, Wahid has journeyed from MuleSoft Developer to CEO of his own company. He has many years of experience and always brings new ideas through his presentations and blogs. Wahid actively gets his entire team involved in the MuleSoft Community and is always up for a new challenge.

Continuing their MuleSoft Ambassador journey

These 34 individuals are joining highly experienced MuleSoft Ambassadors from previous cohorts beginning in 2018. Connect or reconnect with the existing cohorts as well!

Start your path to becoming a MuleSoft Ambassador

Becoming a MuleSoft Ambassador is no easy feat, and each of these ambassadors has spent time upskilling their knowledge, contributing high quality content, and coaching hundreds of MuleSoft Community members.

The first step to becoming a MuleSoft Ambassador is to become a MuleSoft Mentor. MuleSoft Mentors are active content contributors who participate in technical and/or soft skill enablement sessions to prepare them to become MuleSoft Ambassadors in the future.

Sabrina Hockett

Sabrina Hockett is the Manager, Community Advocacy and Marketing, MuleSoft at Salesforce.

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