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AI, Automation, and More: What MuleSoft Brought to Dreamforce

Dreamforce 2023
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MuleSoft unveiled plans for new AI features across our product suite. Here are the biggest takeaways from Dreamforce 2023.

Dreamforce is a magical place. It brings together old friends, provides opportunities to make new ones, and gives you  a chance to learn a bit about how to do your job better, too. 

This year, it was a convergence of Muleys and Flownatics uniting in the IT Lodge to take on the biggest business challenges for IT. With more than 75 breakouts and theaters featuring MuleSoft and Salesforce Flow covering all things integration, automation, and API management,  global attendees experienced no shortage of learning at Dreamforce. 

3 takeaways from Dreamforce

From MuleSoft Mountain to IT Talks, our team members unveiled plans for new AI features across our product suite. Let’s take a look at all the biggest takeaways for Muleys and Flownatics from Dreamforce 2023.

1. AI is everywhere — so is the need for bringing data together 

Every developer, architect, and IT decision-maker — every landscape architect — is being asked to leverage AI. But who isn’t these days? That’s because the promise of AI is that it will deliver results like no other technology before. To accomplish big results, we need a solid foundation to build from.

AI is only as good as your data. And for AI to reach its full potential, you need access to real-time, relevant data across multiple systems. 

A critical component of being able to access all of your data is integration. Having the capacity to connect each system across your organization is how you can access all the great data that will inform your AI. Integration is no small feat when business app volumes have increased nearly 10% in the past year, averaging more than 1000 per organization. 

With less than 30% of those applications integrated, organizations struggle to build a holistic view of data. Compounded with rising costs, duplicative work, and the inability to get the most out of AI tools, IT and business teams are struggling.

“For AI to reach its full potential, it needs to reason over comprehensive information,” shared EVP & GM, Automation and Integration, Param Kahlon during the (standing-room-only) MuleSoft Keynote. Without the right integration and automation tools, AI will never deliver what stakeholders are expecting. Which means you first need to lay the groundwork for it – with help from MuleSoft and Salesforce Flow.

For AI to reach its full potential, it needs to reason over comprehensive information.

Param Kahlon
EVP and GM, Automation & Integration, Salesforce

2. Get hyped for hyperautomation

Being able to automate as much as possible — and quickly — is core to hyperautomation. That’s why 80% of organizations have hyperautomation on their roadmap. 

But challenges from reskilling teams to keeping up with the increasing demand for automation hinder progress. 

With new features and releases from MuleSoft, teams can overcome these organizational hurdles and deliver 27% faster business process automation.

Anypoint Code Builder for Desktop gives a consolidated space to design, debug, develop, and deploy. This single source of truth development space delivers a more efficient way to manage automation development. This means delivering more automations more quickly.

Meanwhile, Einstein for Anypoint Code Builder leverages AI so developers can use natural language prompts to generate integration flows, enabling teams to develop more intelligently. 

Automate everything. Empower everyone.

Increase productivity, lower costs, and reduce time-to-market with MuleSoft.

Another exciting announcement was that Anypoint API Governance has been extended across the entire API lifecycle so that teams can ensure guardrails are being respected. Now generally available, this means governance can be monitored from design all the way to running instances.

Developers aren’t the only ones that can leverage AI. Business teams can also use Einstein for Flow, using natural language to create their automation flows to automate manual tasks.

This is where Prompt Builder comes in. Provided templates guide IT teams in building AI prompts that will ground Einstein AI in any data from any system in your enterprise. Prompt Builder + MuleSoft makes it possible for the AI to deliver better suggestions more quickly. 

Plus, for the first time ever, MuleSoft delivered a Developer Preview: Winter ‘24 Release Readiness Live session, highlighting even more to come. Developing a hyperautomation strategy doesn’t need to be daunting. It’s about identifying the right opportunities to leverage automation in your organization and having the right tools to do so. 

MuleSoft Developer Preview Winter '23 Release Readiness Keynote
Sharing release details for the first-time ever during the MuleSoft Developer Preview: Winter ‘23 Release Readiness Live Keynote.

3. It’s a big fam-Muley reunion

The MuleSoft Community keeps getting stronger, especially when joining forces with Flownatics. And boy did we shine brightly at Dreamforce! Especially when two MuleSoft Ambassadors were each honored with their very own prestigious Golden Hoodie

Felipe Ocadiz, Sr. Architect, and Nadina Lisbon, CRM Enterprise Architect, are incredible representatives for the MuleSoft Community, dedicating themselves to the pursuit of enabling others to excel in their MuleSoft and Salesforce careers. 

And what’s a family reunion without some new traditions? We also had the immense pleasure of welcoming the first-ever MuleSoft Ambassador Hall of Fame members, hosting an exceptional Very Important Muley Meetup, and having a bit of fun during a Muley photoshoot.

The MuleSoft community is a tight-knit crew. They proudly advocate for the best tools to deliver on automation and integration challenges they face within their organizations – which happen to be MuleSoft solutions! But this group is also incredibly dedicated to growing the MuleSoft community, welcoming newcomers with open arms.

There’s good reason for the enthusiasm; there’s no better time to embrace all MuleSoft has to offer. The excitement of AI is all around us. But make no mistake – integration is the foundation of future growth. Muleys are building that foundation. And you should, too!

Connect, automate, and scale 

More than 150 MuleSoft Meetup Leaders, Mentors, and Ambassadors supported MuleSoft as speakers, product experts, and community leaders during Dreamforce. We’re so grateful for their collective MuleSoft knowledge in sessions, at demo booths, and throughout the campground! 

Four MuleSoft Ambassadors pose before their "Women Who Mule" panel session at Dreamforce 2023.

Four MuleSoft Ambassadors pose before their “Women Who Mule” panel session at Dreamforce 2023.

Nineteen customers, like Sunnova, NVIDIA, Jollibee Foods Corporation, Mad Engine, and more, joined our teams on stage to share how they are leveraging MuleSoft to unlock data, automate processes, and drive digital transformation in their organizations. 

From creating intuitive chatbots to increase employee productivity to enhancing pediatric care nationwide, our customers take center stage to exhibit the innovative work they are doing with MuleSoft. 

These invaluable partnerships help demonstrate the impact that MuleSoft makes within organizations. 

Through the support of the Community and engineering teams tuned in to the trends of the market, MuleSoft delivered on how to navigate through this new wave of business transformation. By prioritizing a unified data strategy to inform AI through integration and leveraging hyperautomation to develop faster and more intelligently, you’ll be on track to deliver high-impact innovations for your organization.

Integration is key to making the most of AI 

Watch the MuleSoft Keynote on Salesforce+

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