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The Importance of Partner Collaboration in the AI Revolution

A group of individuals gather in a business setting to discuss how to drive AI value through partners.
AI-driven solutions are the newest frontier we are pursuing together. [metamorworks / Adobe Stock]

Salesforce and partners are working together to help customers unlock AI value for their business.

If you’ve used one of the free generative AI tools available, you’ve seen how groundbreaking this technology can be. Inputting simple prompts can generate complex responses and produce intricate and sophisticated outcomes. The business applications of this technology, however, are still being explored. One thing is clear: We are in the midst of the latest technological revolution. Much like how cloud computing reshaped the business landscape, the potential of AI + Data + CRM will change the playing field of business as we know it.

That’s why Salesforce is collaborating with our powerful ecosystem of partners to bring you AI solutions that have clear business applications. With the harmony of AI + Data + CRM, Salesforce gives you the tools to use the power of AI and the ability to put your customers first. 

Salesforce partners share their thoughts on AI

Our most influential partners are ready for the AI revolution. Learn how our partner ecosystem is creating business-specific solutions with Salesforce technology.

Paving a trusted road to AI value

Our Salesforce AI Research team has been developing large language models (LLMs) for several years and pioneered prompt engineering in 2018. Investing in our people and partners is paramount to success. In fact, Salesforce employs over 1,500 machine learning engineers and data scientists across the company. 

And with Einstein, we’ve built the world’s first AI for CRM, which now powers over 1 trillion predictions every week across the entire suite of Salesforce Customer 360 applications. With generative AI, Einstein is making every company and employee more productive and efficient across sales, service, marketing, and commerce. 

Innovations thrive on a foundation of solid knowledge, trust, and diverse expertise. This is where our vast partner ecosystem comes in.

Embracing an ecosystem of trust

Salesforce understands the importance of having trust as a core principle. AI is an incredibly powerful tool with potentially catastrophic results if it is not developed with responsibility in mind. At Salesforce, we adhere to the highest security and privacy practices because we strive to protect the data we are entrusted with.

The ethical use of AI is crucially important and is top-of-mind for all of us in the partner ecosystem. Trust is a critical part of the dialogue and we work closely with partners and customers to make informed decisions about how to use our AI responsibly.

By coming together to solve emerging challenges, we can ensure we use AI in a safe and ethical way.

Innovating through collaboration

Our vast ecosystem of partners contains hundreds of thousands of experts in Salesforce technology. With their experience and expertise, they bring a deep understanding of how Salesforce can best be deployed and used in specific industries. 

We have a long history of collaboration and innovation with our partners, and AI-driven solutions are the newest frontier we are pursuing together. Our partners are experts in their fields. By combining that with Salesforce’s AI technology, we are able to create unique use cases and solutions that deliver AI value and endless possibilities for our customers.

Improve company productivity with Einstein

Einstein helps you sell faster, win more customers, and accelerate business efficiency.

Harnessing the power of Einstein 

Delivering success to customers is key. Our partners are collaborating with Salesforce engineers and data scientists to prepare for the AI-driven future and create market-ready products using Einstein.

We know that customers need centralized data and consolidated systems. They also want to be enabled to use AI in a trusted way that honors data security and data privacy. Let’s take a closer look at these latest innovations:

  • Einstein is the complete solution for your AI journey. From tailored sales solutions that maximize productivity and streamline processes to scalable customer service automation that decreases cost and improves efficiency, Einstein helps all your teams work smarter.
  • Setting new industry standards for secure generative AI, the Einstein Trust Layer protects customer data security and meets compliance and data governance demands. It is vital in assuring customers that they can protect sensitive customer data.

Finding partner success and AI value

From my perspective, it’s all about trust and responsibility going forward. For most of our customers, this is the beginning of their AI journey. AI can transform how business works. It can streamline existing processes and improve efficiency across teams. It’s on all of us to upskill and train our employees and customers to learn these new capabilities. 

Salesforce interviewed fellow AI pioneers at World Tour London to hear their views on how generative AI is changing the industry. In the following articles of this AI Day series, we discuss the topics our most influential partners shared with us. We’ll cover why trust, transparency, and data security is top of mind. We’ll also dive into why it’s essential to look for compatible use cases to meet customer needs, and how being part of the partner ecosystem is helping partners support our joint customers.

Can’t wait until then? Watch the AI Day videos here.

Steve Corfield
Steve Corfield EVP and GM - Global Alliances, Channels and Emerging Products

Responsible for leading growth and business strategy for Global Alliances, Channels and Emerging Products. He drives customer success and sales through our world-class partner ecosystem, with strong alignment to the Customer Success Group and the Distribution organizations at Salesforce.

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