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15 Top Sales Podcasts That Inspire Selling Greatness

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These podcasts offer valuable insights and practical strategies to help sales pros excel in their careers. [Adobe/Salesforce]

Tune in to these exceptional podcasts and elevate your sales performance.

Podcasts provide a great way for sales professionals to stay up-to-date on industry trends and best practices. But, the abundance of podcasts available can make it difficult to find the show that resonates with you. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best sales podcasts out there. Now, you can get the latest tips, tricks, and tactics to help you stay ahead of the game.

Grab your headphones and get ready to learn from the best in the business.

What you’ll discover:

1. Mental Selling: The Sales Performance Podcast

Psychology plays a pivotal role in sales — which is why we kick off our list with a podcast called Mental Selling. The podcast, which launched in 2022, looks beyond the oft-repeated sales tips and best practices and instead examines the mindsets and emotions that drive sales success.

Each episode features a long-form interview with a sales leader or expert who offers firsthand insights on a particular topic in the world of sales performance. If you want to learn how to think and feel like the world’s most successful salespeople, Mental Selling is a podcast you won’t want to miss.

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2. Selling Made Simple

Selling Made Simple is a podcast for sales professionals who don’t have time for podcasts. If you don’t want to listen to hour-long shows only to leave with just a few minutes worth of actionable advice, here’s the antidote.

With only a few exceptions, Selling Made Simple’s episodes are less than 30 minutes long, with an average runtime of anywhere between 4 to 15 minutes. Host Will Baron packs these bite-sized episodes with direct, actionable tips, and best practices based on what he’s learned from experts inside and outside the world of sales.

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3. The Advanced Selling Podcast

Hosted by Bryan Neale and Bill Caskey, two sales coaches – each with more than 20 years of experience — The Advanced Selling Podcast leaves no stone unturned when it comes to covering the tactics that produce long-term sales success.

While Neale and Caskey cover a variety of urgent topics, from the pressure of layoffs to the unique concerns of millennial buyers, each episode centers on at least one specific technique or tactic that any salesperson can implement immediately.

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4. Value Builders

Although geared towards RevOps leaders, Value Builders features in-depth interviews that any salesperson will find worth their time. Host Dave Duke speaks with sales executives and thought leaders about effective relationship-building, customer-centric strategies, and other building blocks that drive value for modern sales organizations.

Guests include CEOs, chief revenue officers (CROs), bestselling authors, and successful startup founders. Whether you work in RevOps, are growing a sales startup, or simply want to hear stories from some of the top minds in sales, Value Builders offers plenty to learn from.

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5. Conversations with Women in Sales

The late Barbara Giamanco started Conversations with Women in Sales back in 2018, seeking to amplify women’s voices in an industry prone to disproportionately spotlighting male influencers.

Lori Richardson, the acclaimed B2B sales strategist, now hosts the show, where she predominantly interviews saleswomen and entrepreneurs who work in a variety of roles and industries.

Richardson and her guests share firsthand stories of conquering obstacles in the business world and engage in candid discussions about the good and bad of modern sales cultures, sharing practical advice to help salespeople of any gender advance in their careers.

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6. SaaStr: The Official SaaS Podcast

As surely you’ve guessed, SaaStr is a podcast dedicated to the strategies and philosophies that lead to success in the hyper-competitive world of SaaS.

Every week, Jason M. Lemkin and Harry Stebbings interview both operators and investors to cover SaaS from every angle, from investing to hiring, scaling to growing revenue, and everything in between. SaaStr may be targeted toward SaaS companies but offers plenty of universal truths and effective strategies for any salesperson to learn from.

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7. The Sales Hunter Podcast

Mark Hunter is one of the most well-known thought leaders in sales, having served in leadership roles with multiple Fortune 500 companies before becoming a high-profile consultant and speaker.

He brings all of that experience to The Sales Hunter Podcast, making it one of the most essential shows for both aspiring and established salespeople. The podcast’s schedule alternates between very brief (less than 10-minute) episodes where Hunter shares a handful of quick sales tips, and longer interviews with other distinguished sales experts.

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8. The Failure Factor: Stories of Career Perseverance

Every sales professional faces moments of fear and anxiety throughout their career. What if I miss my quota? What if the deal I’m working on falls through? What if I lose my job?

The Failure Factor aims to help sales professionals get through these periods of self-doubt and turn their fear of the worst-case scenario into positive outcomes. Executive coach and therapist Megan Bruneau interviews entrepreneurs and business leaders who share powerful stories and strategies for overcoming fear and capitalizing on past failures.

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9. The GTM Podcast

The GTM Podcast has been one of the most dependable sources of information and advice for B2B sales professionals over the past several years. Every week, host Sam Jacobs sits down with executives, company founders, and investors for thought-provoking conversations about sales, business growth, and the economy at large.

For listeners who are short on time, check out the “Friday Fundamentals” bonus episodes, where the week’s guest offers a few quick-selling tips in less than 10 minutes.

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10. Sell or Die

Hosted by bestselling author Jeffrey Gitomer and sales expert Jennifer Gitomer, Sell or Die explores sales as both an art and a science. In other words, they give equal attention to the step-by-step strategies that lead to success as well as the soft skills that top sales performers share.

Sell or Die also features interviews with successful leaders in sales, marketing, and personal development.

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11. What Drives You

What Drives You is one of the most popular business podcasts in the world, and for good reason. Host Kevin Miller speaks with influencers and changemakers from all walks of life, offering listeners powerful advice for taking the next steps in their careers.

While the show is not solely geared towards sales, What Drive You’s lessons about managing stress, establishing goals, and pursuing passions will inspire any salesperson to become their best self.

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12.  The Sales Evangelist

The Sales Evangelist is a fantastic podcast for sales professionals in the early stages of their careers. Host Donald Kelly may be one of the world’s top sales coaches now, but he once was just another struggling sales rep desperate to turn his career around.

Many of the tips and techniques he offers on The Sales Evangelist are the ones that he implemented to become a top performer who consistently closed massive deals.

Featuring interviews with sales experts and business leaders, the show focuses on the steps required for sales reps to separate themselves from the pack and become top earners.

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13. Make it Happen Mondays

Hosted by the veteran B2B sales trainer John Barrows, Make it Happen Mondays is a comprehensive and actionable weekly podcast designed to help you close more business.

In his interviews with sales experts, entrepreneurs, and business leaders from around the world, Barrows touches on everything from unique prospecting tips to streamlining complex negotiations. Whatever your sales role might be, Make it Happen Mondays has something for you to think about throughout the week.

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14. Sales Success Stories with Scott Ingram

The Sales Success Stories Podcast is a highly informative and engaging listen– perfect for sales professionals who are seeking insights, inspiration, and practical tips to achieve success in their sales careers.

This podcast is hosted by Scott Ingram, who engages in candid conversations with some of the most successful salespeople from different industries, exploring their journeys to success and the strategies that helped them excel in their roles.

Through these conversations, sales professionals can gain valuable insights into effective sales techniques, strategies for building and nurturing client relationships, and tactics for achieving and exceeding sales goals.

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15. The Sales Enablement Podcast

With a back catalog of more than 1,000 episodes, The Sales Enablement Podcast is one of the most prolific podcasts on this list.

Alongside his stellar lineup of guests, B2B sales and management expert Andy Paul explores new skills, evolving trends, and unconventional perspectives that help sales professionals generate the most value possible while building their dream careers.

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Tune in and take notes from these valuable sales podcasts

While this list of sales podcasts is by no means exhaustive, it provides a great starting point for those who are new to the podcasting world or looking to enhance their sales skills. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise shared by experienced sales professionals and thought leaders, these podcasts offer valuable insights and practical strategies to help sales reps excel in their careers.

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