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Today at Davos With Salesforce – Wednesday, Jan. 23

Today at Davos With Salesforce – Wednesday, Jan 23

Here’s how Salesforce embraced the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting, commonly referred to as “Davos,” with programs on inclusiveness, the environment, and equality.




Day 2 at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting, commonly referred to as “Davos,” included a full lineup of Salesforce events and lots of other activities for the 10,000+ leaders from all over the world. Here’s how Salesforce embraced this important platform today with programs on inclusiveness, the environment, and equality. 


Fourth Industrial Revolution, with Marc Benioff and the Colombian president 

The Salesforce Co-CEO and founder held a press conference with the president of Colombia to discuss the global impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution – the seismic changes technology is bringing with big data, artificial intelligence and connected devices. President Iván Duque Márquez announced Colombia is opening a Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the city of Medellin to further innovation in AI, IoT, Blockchain. Marc Benioff praised the new center, and called AI “a new human right,” to which all people need to have access and choices.   



Making Digital Globalization Inclusive, with Keith Block

The Fourth Industrial Revolution presents challenges that go beyond technology, Salesforce Co-CEO Keith Block said in this panel that looked ahead to the human impact of innovation. “How do we absorb this technology so we make sure people are reskilled in the workplace? That people are able to embrace that technology? That we don’t have massive job loss?” he asked. Developed in partnership with WEF and The Washington Post, the panel addressed the new digital divides, how to strengthen small and medium-sized enterprises, and adapt international trade regimes to digital demands.



Taking Action for the Ocean, with Marc Benioff

How can the world tap into the ocean economy while protecting it from environmental collapse? Marc Benioff joined other climate activists to discuss during this official WEF session, developed in partnership with Bloomberg.



Salesforce Chief Marketing Officer Stephanie Buscemi at Wednesday’s CMO roundtable in Davos.

CMO Breakfast, hosted by Stephanie Buscemi

Stephanie Buscemi and Deloitte CMO Alicia Hatch hosted the fourth annual CMO roundtable in Davos, where marketing executives discussed shifting consumer expectations, new technology and how this all translates into the ever-evolving role of the CMO.

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What’s coming tomorrow?

  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution Lunch, hosted by Marc Benioff
  • Digital Trust and Transformation, a conversation with Marc Benioff & Klaus Schwab
  • Ocean Day, hosted by WEF and the Benioff Ocean Initiative

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