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4 In-Demand Skills to Grow Your Salesforce Career

Trailhead mascots reading the Salesforce Ecosystem Job Skill Trends report.
Whether it’s your first or fifth job in the Salesforce ecosystem, make sure you have a plan in place and the skills required to stay competitive.

Add these top skills identified in an analysis of more than 400,000 Salesforce-related jobs to grow your career in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Use these four in-demand Salesforce ecosystem job skill trends — identified in the Jobs in the Salesforce Ecosystem report — to build your skill set. Fun fact: This report was visualized using Tableau Viz in collaboration with former Tableau Iron Viz champion Will Sutton.

What you need to know

  • When we say “Salesforce ecosystem,” we mean the thousands of companies and organizations worldwide who run their businesses on Salesforce. They’re looking for knowledgeable Salesforce Administrators, Developers, Business Analysts, Salespeople, and more to run their companies successfully. 
  • The Salesforce job market is only growing, powered by AI
  • Different jobs require different skills, so find your perfect role with this quiz and check out the Career Paths on Trailhead, Salesforce’s online learning platform, to learn about all the different career options available and then check them out in the Trailblazer Career Marketplace.

Job skills trending in the Salesforce ecosystem

No matter your role, these in-demand skills apply to you. Have a look at what each entails and where on Trailhead you can learn about them for free.

1. AI and data skills

A few years ago, we’d have said AI and data were critical skills for a few specific roles. But this one category has seen such a spike in demand in the Salesforce ecosystem job skill trends that it has a dedicated research report and is now imperative for everyone. Make sure you’re up-to-speed on these crucial AI and data skills. 

2. Communication 

Clear and confident communication is key, whether it’s to convince your boss to approve a project, gain consensus with coworkers, teach customers about new features, or build relationships. Build these top communication skills to grow your career. 

  • Executive Communication: When you engage executives, you need to build a connection, establish credibility, and convey information quickly. To be effective, understand the executive audience and how to tailor your communications — verbally or in email — so they receive your message as you intended. 
  • Public Speaking: From marketer to business analyst to developer, your job will require you to present complex ideas in a way that’s easy for your audience to understand. To grow your public speaking skills, check out these public speaking and virtual presentation modules on Trailhead, Salesforce’s free online learning platform.

3. Leadership and initiative 

Leadership skills aren’t just for people managers. Whether you’re an executive or an intern, you need to inspire others, influence, solve problems, and, of course, manage teams. Focus on these key skill sets to fine-tune your leadership and initiative skills: 

4. Critical thinking 

Strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills make you an effective, efficient, and collaborative decision-maker and are crucial in the everyday work that contributes to the success of your organization. Make sure you’re developing these key skills to fine-tune your critical thinking. 

  • Problem-solving: An effective problem-solver identifies problems, analyzes information, and develops effective solutions. Check out the Best Practices for Troubleshooting module on Trailhead to practice identifying and solving problems in a Salesforce org using a proven troubleshooting process.
  • Innovation: Innovation is in the DNA of Salesforce, and being a Trailblazer means generating and implementing new ideas to improve business operations. Learn about the Salesforce five-phase innovation approach: Define, Discover, Dare, Do, Drive.

Tips to develop in-demand job skills for the Salesforce ecosystem

Take on a stretch assignment 

If you’re ready to take on a project outside your current skill set, ask your manager for a stretch assignment or check out superbadges on Trailhead to demonstrate your Salesforce skills through real-world business scenarios. Taking on this kind of project carves out a niche for you as someone who continually embraces the challenge to build their knowledge and experience. 

Try a new role on a project

If you aren’t ready to take the lead on something new, see if you can take on a different role within a project. For example, if you’re an admin familiar with implementing and testing new workflows, can you shift your role to gathering requirements or conducting user testing? A different perspective on a familiar project is a helpful and low-risk way to build new skills. Ask your manager about this opportunity for your team’s next project, or check out hands-on challenges on Trailhead to gain extracurricular role experience. 

Shadow someone in an interesting position

Do you know someone at your organization or a professional contact who does something you’re interested in? Ask if you can shadow them. Listen in on a sales call, attend meetings, and observe the day-to-day processes. Once you’ve seen someone do something, jumping to try it yourself is easier. 

Bonus: If your contact invites you to do small things to help as you observe, seize the opportunity. Being the notetaker or preparing materials for an important meeting is a great experience. Plus, it can only help when someone sees you doing a great job at something, no matter how small. 

Learn more on Trailhead 

Trailhead and its mobile counterpart Trailhead GO are fantastic first stops for learning new skills on your own schedule. Everyone has free access to Trailhead, and you can create your own free practice accounts in Salesforce, MuleSoft, and Tableau. Practice your technical skills in the product, get step-by-step instructions , and receive instant feedback so you can correct any missteps.

Keep yourself motivated to learn and grow

Whether you’re searching for a new job or simply want to keep up to date on the job skills trending in the Salesforce ecosystem, we’re here to help. Everyone is busy and it isn’t always easy to carve out time for learning new skills. 

Lean on the community when you need a boost

The best part of our Trailblazer Community is how we support one another. The community is full of super-talented and knowledgeable folks who share a love of all things Salesforce‌. They’re itching to connect and share their passion with colleagues. Many community members love to learn and study together, so you’ll never be alone in your journey. In no time, you’ll be able to help others in the community when they need you, so don’t be shy about asking for the same support. 

Chances are that your next job will come from your network. So why not start collaborating with peers now? Even if you just want a quick idea or piece of advice, the community is a great place to go for insight and inspiration.

Ditch imposter syndrome by skilling up

It’s easy to get overwhelmed as you explore all the new skills and technologies out there. But the more you build your skills, the more confidence you’ll have in yourself. Maybe you get a boatload of badges on Trailhead or take it up a notch and earn a Salesforce Certification (or three). The best way to combat self-doubt is to put in the work.

The more you can educate yourself and gain the skills, the stronger your competitive edge will be. As a bonus, your commitment to upskilling shows employers just how invested you are in your career. As a sales rep turned Salesforce Admin turned recruiter turned talent program lead, Maria Alvarez feels the same.

Employers don’t expect you to have all of the answers or know what to do in every situation. What they do expect is for you to always be learning, be proactive in seeking answers, and face challenges head-on.”

Maria Alvarez
Sr. Analyst, Partner Talent Programs

Ready, set, apply for Salesforce jobs

There’s solid demand for Salesforce-skilled talent if you’re in the job market. Once you’re ready to start looking, head over to the Trailblazer Career Marketplace, where you can Find relevant Salesforce jobs, connect directly with employers, and grow your Trailblazer Profile by highlighting your Salesforce expertise.

Want to get creative in your search? Companies all over the world run their businesses with Salesforce. Become familiar with which companies use Salesforce. Check out the official Salesforce customer stories and the catalog of trusted consulting partners with verified Salesforce expertise. Explore the world of Salesforce customers and partners. Visit company websites to learn more about all the different industries you can join.

Specifically looking for Salesforce Admin roles? Check out: Craft Your Next Resume Using the Salesforce Admin Skills Kit

Andy Bergman
Andy Bergman VP, Trailhead Content Development

Andy is the VP of Trailhead Content, our free learning platform at Salesforce that breaks down barriers to learning and creates an equal and accessible pathway into the Salesforce ecosystem for anyone. He has spent the past eleven years at Salesforce, helping customers learn new technology skills, soft skills, and Salesforce skills via instructor-led courses to free self-study badges.

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