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Showcase Your Expertise with New Trailhead Ranger Ranks

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With new Trailhead Ranger Ranks, Trailblazers have more ways to highlight their knowledge and expertise.

New Trailhead Ranger Ranks empower Trailblazers to stand out to employers by emphasizing their commitment to learning in-demand digital skills.

Preparing for the new world of work is one of the defining business problems of our time. As jobs evolve, so will the skills needed to perform them.

Employers are shifting toward skills-based, competency hiring over college degree requirements. This makes it critical for job seekers to showcase their skills and highlight their commitment to professional development for hiring managers to see easily.

In 2019 we created the Profile–the trusted Salesforce resume providing a complete view of an individual’s skills, certifications, accomplishments, and connections.

Introducing new Ranger Ranks on Trailhead

One of the most important and engaging features on Profiles is Trailblazer Ranks. These showcases where someone is on their learning journey with Trailhead—Salesforce’s free, online learning platform.

Until today, Trailhead Ranger was the highest of seven ranks awarded to Trailblazers committed to skilling up and standing at the forefront of innovation across the Salesforce ecosystem. But, many go above and beyond the already exceptional level of skill development achieved by our Rangers.

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Learn in-demand skills, earn resume-worthy credentials, and connect with a community of Trailblazers for mentorship and employment opportunities.

Now, with new Trailhead Ranger Ranks, Trailblazers have more ways to highlight their knowledge and expertise, including:

  • Double Star Ranger (200 badges, 100,000 points)
  • Triple Star Ranger (300 badges, 150,000 points)
  • Four Star Ranger (400 badges, 200,000 points)
  • Five Star Ranger (500 badges, 250,000 points)
  • All Star Ranger (600 badges, 300,000 points)

Ranger Ranks empower Trailblazers to display their in-demand skills, extended expertise, and passion for continued learning to current and future employers.

They also inspire new and fellow Trailblazers, showing where your learning journey can take you as you showcase your pride in being a learner in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Unlock more ranks

More than 4.5 million learners globally have skilled up and earned resume-worthy credentials on Trailhead. Built on gamification, Trailhead makes learning engaging and exciting. Ranger Ranks take gamification to another level by adding five new ranks to achieve.

With endless innovation in the Salesforce ecosystem, there are endless opportunities to learn new skills and reach the next level of your journey.

Any Trailblazer can climb the ranks to the peak, like Amber Boaz, a 14x-certified All Star Ranger who was able to grow her career with Trailhead.

“Being an All-Star Ranger demonstrates my willingness to never stop learning. There’s always some new bit of knowledge that I can pick up, and Trailhead is a fantastic way to learn on the go!” — Trailblazer Amber Boaz

To Amber, being a Trailblazer means continuously learning new skills and giving back to the Trailblazer Community. She also loves earning shiny, new badges to show off on her Profile.

Connect with Trailblazers from anywhere

Join the conversation in the Trailblazer Community.

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Your reinvented resume

The Profile is unique from a traditional resume or online profile. It verifies your Salesforce skills through Trailhead, which documents and validates skills and learning.

With proven skills displayed in a personalized Skills Graph on the Profile, employers get a clear view of an individual’s competencies.

Hiring managers find the Profile to be a valuable recruitment tool. Evan Decker, Salesforce manager at Calabrio and All Star Ranger, included a candidate’s Profile when hiring skilled talent in the Salesforce ecosystem and never looked back.

“I always check a candidate’s Profile, as it’s easy to see a candidate’s relevant knowledge, experience, and accomplishments all in one place. If I see someone who’s a Double-Star Ranger or above, I know they’re passionate about the platform and a life-long learner—and they’re someone I’d want to talk to!” — Trailblazer Evan Decker

Now, it’s easier than ever for employers to see the breadth and depth of a job seeker’s knowledge by looking at their Profile.

Are you a new employer looking to hire Salesforce talent? Discover how to Find Salesforce Talent With These Top 3 Trailblazing Characteristics and 3 Ways Trailblazing Companies Partner With Pathfinder to Meet Their Talent Needs.

Ready, set, rank up!

With today’s innovations to the Profile, we’re empowering Trailblazers to showcase their learning and expertise across the Salesforce ecosystem. This provides a single source of truth for job seekers and employers alike.

No matter your starting point, anyone can skill up on Trailhead. Learn the in-demand skills employers are looking for and climb the ranks to achieve new Ranger Ranks.

Already a Ranger and think you’ve earned one of our newest ranks? Check out your Profile to see your most up-to-date Trailhead Rank. And drop us a line on social if you’ve hit a new Ranger Rank!

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Jessica Peterson Senior Director, Trailhead Product Management

Jessica works with Trailblazers, designers, engineers and community leaders to improve how folks learn in-demand skills to succeed on Salesforce and beyond. She loves technology, design, and the beauty of nature. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her teenage son.

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