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Deliver Results Quickly With These 5 Spring ’23 Innovations

Salesforce character Codey the Bear working on building a birdhouse / 'Spring 23 release
These new features and updates from our Spring '23 release can help your business better connect with your customers.

Check out some of our favorite innovations from the Spring '23 release to help you get the most from Salesforce.

With the weather trending up, it’s time for your progress on business goals to do the same. Dig into all we’ve updated in this spring release preview and learn more about our newest innovations to ensure you are delivering results fast this year.

If you are unfamiliar with Salesforce releases, we release hundreds of new innovations three times a year, many of which come from ideas and feedback sourced directly from our customers via the IdeaExchange. This input from our incredible customers helps us lead the way, so you can better serve your customers.

Here are ways you can use some of our favorite features from the spring ’23 release, generally available on February 13. Without further ado, get ready to explore our spring release preview!

Explore the Spring ’23 release

Get a complete look at all of our new features and updates in the Spring ’23 release — helping you deliver results quickly.

1. Embed Conversation Milestones (Sales Cloud)

You can embed conversation milestones, powered by Einstein Conversation Insights, into your Enablement programs. This helps you track and improve rep skills at scale, and tie that improvement to revenue results.

2. Build Automated Actions (Sales Cloud)

Within Sales Cloud, you can implement automation that helps reps become more productive. Sellers can define their own, simplified ‘If this, then that’ logic to orchestrate automation for their duties. These actions include everything from executing cadences created by their team, pushing out quick cadences sellers create themselves, or alerts to stay on top of their own tasks.

3. Easily consolidate data with your Data Stream Control Center (Marketing Cloud)

Data Stream Control Center centralizes data stream management into a single view with actionable insights — helping users easily understand stream status, evaluate data quality, and identify ingestion issues. With a new landing page, Data Stream Control Center provides quick access to data ingestion and data usage insights for improved data hygiene and row management. This empowers teams to increase data transparency and oversight, improving overall data hygiene.

4. Save time with B2B & D2C Enhancements (Commerce Cloud)

You can increase time-to-value and average order value with unified business-to-business (B2B) and direct-to-consumer (D2C) components and API on Lightning Web Runtime. These enhancements extend the power of the Customer Data Platform, Commerce Marketplace, and Product Sets to B2B and D2C to deliver personalized omnichannel experiences and increase conversions.

5. Automate ESG Reporting with Disclosure & Compliance Hub for ESG Reporting (Net Zero)

Through the Disclosure and Compliance Hub, you can automate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) disclosure reporting in compliance with globally accepted reporting standards, such as Global Reporting Initiative and CDP. You can configure report templates for users to enter key ESG data through a guided flow. The data is stored in a reusable repository to save time. Companies can export the data as a report and submit to regulatory bodies for increased ESG accountability and transparency.

Explore the full range of our new innovations in the spring release preview, generally available February 13.

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