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Trailblazer Season 2 Is Now Streaming on Salesforce+

Season 2 of Trailblazer is now streaming on Salesforce+
Season 2 of Trailblazer is now streaming on Salesforce+

Meet five inspiring leaders who have transformed their lives and built success with Salesforce.

Being a Trailblazer in the Salesforce ecosystem means being an innovator, a pioneer, and a lifelong learner. Trailblazers not only blaze their own trail but also bring others along with them, creating pathways for anyone to succeed. 

The Salesforce+ series Trailblazer follows leaders who showcase innovation and commitment to the community through inspiring, uplifting, and giving back to others. In Season 1, we learned from five Black leaders who built successful companies, careers, and communities with Salesforce.

And we’re excited to announce that Season 2 is now live today. This season will follow a group of Trailblazers who have overcome great obstacles and changed their lives and the lives of others with Salesforce, Trailhead, Salesforce’s free online learning platform, and the Trailblazer Community. Follow along over the next few weeks as five Trailblazers share their incredible stories about how they broke boundaries to achieve success. Mark your calendars; you won’t want to miss this!

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The five incredible Trailblazers featured this season are Sima Samara, Zac Otero, Scott Luikart, Merivis alum Sheldon Simmons, and PepUp Tech founder Selina Suarez. Each episode tells a story of courage, hard work, and devotion to building careers, communities, and companies with the Salesforce ecosystem. 

Sima Samara

The first episode of the season features Sima Samara, a courageous refugee who embodies the true meaning of being a Trailblazer. She left her home country and found freedom and independence with Salesforce.

Sima discovered Trailhead and was instantly hooked, becoming a Ranger in nearly 2 months. She joined the Trailblazer Community, and for the first time since fleeing her home country, Sima found a sense of family and belonging. Through this support, she built her career, and now she gives back to others through her work at Blue Road Academy. Check out her inspiring story on Salesforce+.

Everyone was so welcoming and so warm. They care to help you, to advise you, to welcome you, without looking at who you are and why you are here.”

Sima Samara

Zac Otero

The season continues with Zac Otero, a five-time Salesforce Certified Admin, and the first-ever Golden Hoodie recipient. Zac grew up in a small town and took his first job at 16, working in a factory. But after the birth of his son, he knew he needed to make a change.

Zac discovered Trailhead, became certified, joined the Admin Trailblazers Community Group, and landed his first ecosystem job. Now, Zac helps others achieve the same success by sharing his knowledge and supporting them on their journey. On May 30th, don’t miss Zac’s incredible story of determination, hard work, and the power of community.

I’m living proof that there’s a place for anyone in the new economy; you just have to reach for it.”

Zac Otero

Scott Luikart 

Giving back to the community that helped shape his career is at the center of everything Scott Luikart does. Through the Trailblazer Community, Scott discovered a chosen family who shared a common goal of creating a welcoming environment where anyone can succeed.

In addition to his work with Salesforce, Scott uses Trailhead to teach problem-solving to unhoused LGBTQ+ youth. Through his work, he’s not only changing the lives of those he helps, but he’s also leaving a lasting impact on the world. Scott’s episode is live June 13th on Salesforce+.

Sheldon Simmons and Merivis

We will also hear from Sheldon Simmons who transitioned from the military to a career in tech. After 8 years of serving in the U.S. Navy, Sheldon decided it was time to look for opportunities elsewhere. 

Through Merivis, a training resource for veterans, Sheldon learned with Trailhead and found his passion in technology consulting. He now sits on the board at Merivis and helps other veterans blaze their own trails in the industry. Find out more about Sheldon’s journey with Merivis on June 27th.

Before Salesforce, I made $9 per hour doing backbreaking work that had no room for growth. Now I do work that matters and my life is so much better for it.”

Sheldon Simmons

Selina Suarez and PepUp Tech

Selina Suarez and PepUp Tech are the focus of the season finale. PepUp Tech is a nonprofit focused on uplifting communities facing barriers by helping them pave careers in tech.

Selina is one of the founders of PepUp Tech, which drives positive change by empowering young kids to realize their potential. PepUp Tech helps teach in-demand technical skills and provides job placement assistance so that those lacking financial and educational resources can participate in the tech economy. Check out Selina’s episode on July 11th.

I met so many smart, talented, incredible individuals, but they were limited by education, finances, and resources. So for me, it always goes back to wanting more for people. I want to see people succeed and do well.”

Selina Suarez

Anyone can #BeATrailblazer

This season will take a deep dive into what it means to be a Trailblazer. From blazing their own trails and helping others along their journeys, these Trailblazers embody what it means to give back, uplift their communities, and challenge the status quo.

Season 2 of Trailblazer proves that with determination, anyone can succeed. 

Are you ready to #BeATrailblazer? Learn how and check out the newest season of Trailblazer on Salesforce+ today. 

Want to become a Trailblazer yourself?

Post your reactions on social and let us know what it means to you to #BeATrailblazer.

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