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Introducing Trailcast, New Audio Trailhead Learning to Empower Anyone to Skill Up

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Trailcast allows even more access to Trailhead learning with audio versions of modules.

Trailcast allows learners to listen to Trailhead modules -- bringing more flexibility to where and when you can learn.

Since 2014, over 5 million learners have skilled up on Trailhead. From the start, the mission of Trailhead, Salesforce’s online learning platform, has been to break down barriers to entry into tech careers, making skilling up and building a career in the Salesforce ecosystem accessible to anyone, regardless of their background. 

In support of that mission, we’re proud to announce Trailcast – new audio-based learning in select modules. Trailcast allows learners to listen to Trailhead modules, enhancing the learning experience and bringing more flexibility to where and when you can learn– and greater accessibility for all. Now, it’s even easier for learners, regardless of learning style or ability, to learn new skills and grow their careers with Trailhead.

Be a Trailblazer with Salesforce

Demand for Trailblazers with AI, data, and Salesforce skills is on the rise. Join millions of Trailblazers working at companies big and small and free yourself to discover a new career path.

Four Trailblazers Zachary Banks, Sima Samara, Karmel James, and Tony Nguyen all in Trailblazer hoodies.

Introducing Trailcast

We know everyone learns in different ways, and many learn best by listening. Today, we launched a pilot of Trailcast: audio learning in select Trailhead modules.  Now, you can read and listen along at your desk or on the Trailhead GO mobile app for maximum comprehension, play a Trailcast module while you cook dinner, or take advantage of your commute time and listen while you ride. You can even adjust the speed. (2x-speed listeners like me, unite!) Now, no matter your learning style or how busy your life is, Trailhead has even more opportunities to skill up when and how you want.

Computer screen displaying Trailcast

I love the new Trailcast feature! I can fit in some learning that I can’t seem to get to during the busy workday! They are great to use on my morning run, or while commuting into the office!”

Julie O’Donnell
Senior CRM Manager

The next time you’re in line for coffee, turn your “waiting time” into “learning time”. In the first Trailcasts, you can learn about Slack, the messaging app for business, and so much more. It’s your company’s home for everyone and everything, your digital HQ, so it’s an excellent tool to skill up on. Try it out by listening to one of the new Trailcast audio modules:

This is a pilot program, so we welcome your feedback in this short survey. You can help us decide whether to make more Trailcast modules, and it will help us make Trailcast even better.

Use a Screen Reader with Ease

We make it our business to eliminate barriers to learning and are committed to providing accessible products. Digital accessibility benefits everyone, regardless of capability, and there are laws and standards that ensure universal access to the web. We always follow the four key principles of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines to make Trailhead perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust. To improve the learning experience for screen reader users, we’ve added detailed screen reader instructions to the top of the page, accessible with just one click. These separate instructions recreate the content with language that speaks to how screen reader users navigate with a keyboard-only experience. You’ll still get all the same information, be able to take the challenge and earn the badges to show off your skills, all within a smoother experience.

Computer screen displaying screen reader instructions.

Try out these units with screen-reader instructions:

Join the Accessibility Quest

Whether you’re a person who uses a screen reader or an ally to people with disabilities, familiarize yourself with Trailhead’s accessibility features in our new Quest: Become an Accessibility Champion. In this quest, you’ll:

  • Learn more about making technology accessible
  • Listen to a Trailcast
  • Find the screen reader enhancements in a unit
  • Practice changing the language of a module

Complete the tasks by May 31, 2023, and earn an exclusive community badge.

Andy Bergman
Andy Bergman VP, Trailhead Content Development

Andy is the VP of Trailhead Content, our free learning platform at Salesforce that breaks down barriers to learning and creates an equal and accessible pathway into the Salesforce ecosystem for anyone. He has spent the past eleven years at Salesforce, helping customers learn new technology skills, soft skills, and Salesforce skills via instructor-led courses to free self-study badges.

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