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Find Success Now: 4 Reasons to Seize the Trail in 2023

Open box with Seize the Trail prizes the virtual community badge, Trailblazer hoodie, and a Salesforce Certification Voucher popping out surrounded by confetti
Join us on our annual Seize the Trail Trailhead Quest to skill up and win fun prizes!

It's that time of year again to Seize the Trail! Our annual Trailhead Quest helps Trailblazers boost their Salesforce skill sets and make invaluable connections with the Trailblazer Community.

Ready, set, quest! Whether you’re a seasoned Trailblazer, looking to obtain your first certification, or wanting to continuously skill up by earning Trailhead badges on Trailhead—Salesforce’s free online learning platform, our annual Seize the Trail Quest is for you.

What is Seize the Trail?

In a time when there’s a need to do more with less, Trailblazers need technology to help increase efficiency and boost productivity. This is why we’re excited to announce our annual Seize the Trail Trailhead Quest!

Skill up on automation, intelligence, and real-time data while you create valuable connections with the Trailblazer Community. And, as an added reward on top of learning and connecting with others, you get the chance to win* fun prizes for even more motivation.

#SeizeTheTrail gives you a sample of Trailhead’s extensive array of free, self-paced, and bite-sized content. And no matter where you live or what your background is, it provides the tools to help you understand the required technologies and skills to improve results and achieve success now.

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Learn in-demand skills, earn resume-worthy credentials, and connect with a community of Trailblazers for mentorship and employment opportunities.

Here are four reasons to Seize the Trail in 2023.

Reason 1: Discover how the Slack platform boosts productivity

With Slack as your digital HQ, you make work simpler, more pleasant, and more productive. Overwhelmed by the number of messages and notifications you get each day? Slack can help! It’s a single, virtual space to connect your people, tools, customers, and partners for faster and more flexible work. Consider it the command center for your workday. For many organizations, Slack is that digital HQ.

Boost productivity with the Slack platform in four key ways.

  • Effortlessly automate routine tasks via Workflow Builder.
  • Skip time-consuming logins using your Slack account to sign in to all your work apps with one click, seamlessly connecting them in an instant.
  • Access tools, hosting support, and data storage to securely create and ship powerful apps and automation in minutes.
  • Save time by taking siloed communication out of emails and into channels for quicker collaboration with everyone inside and outside an organization via Slack Connect.

Reason 2: Learn more about Salesforce Customer 360 and create connected experiences

Today, the average company uses nearly 1,000 applications to run its business and store customer data. This isn’t efficient, effective, or affordable. With Salesforce Customer 360—an integrated CRM platform that connects departments and customer data—you get a single, shared view of customers to create connected experiences and do your best work.

With Salesforce Customer 360, you create connected experiences in three key ways.

  • Connect teams on one platform by capturing customer data from every step of their journey into one unified view.
  • Work as one collective team from anywhere to make collaboration easier.
  • Combine commerce, IT, and analytics in one connected system, moving beyond a CRM with the full range of Salesforce technology.

Reason 3: Unlock the value of real-time customer data with Customer Data Platform powered by Genie

Responding to customer needs in real time is more critical than ever. Yet, this becomes more challenging as the amount of data created, captured, replicated, and consumed each year is expected to more than double by 2026. As a result, companies must seamlessly connect digital and real-world customer interactions to provide the most relevant, personalized, and compelling experiences in every moment.

Customer Data Platform (CDP) powered by Salesforce Genie helps you make intelligent decisions based on real-time data to personalize marketing moments.

With CDP powered by Salesforce Genie, you unlock the value of real-time customer data in four key ways.

  • Speed up time to value by automatically connecting all your data in real time.
  • Build intelligent, real-time audiences faster across email, mobile, web, and advertising with automation.
  • Make more intelligent and informed decisions with real-time data and insights.
  • Extend and easily connect your data from anywhere with an open ecosystem–our network of trusted partners.

Reason 4: Explore different career paths in the Salesforce ecosystem

According to a recent IDC study, Salesforce and its ecosystem of partners will create 9.3 million new jobs and $1.6 trillion in new business revenues worldwide by 2026.

Paired with the need across industries to increase efficiency and lower costs, it’s an opportune time to begin or boost your Salesforce career path journey. Build knowledge and the skill set needed to help organizations drive success now.

In fact, another IDC study reveals that organizations saw much greater agility, efficiency, and employee value with Salesforce-skilled and certified employees.

Take your first steps on your Salesforce journey with Trailhead and discover all things Salesforce, what a Trailblazer is, career paths, and the Trailblazer Community.

“The Salesforce ecosystem is a welcoming place with endless opportunities for everyone, no matter your background. Trailhead and earning Salesforce certifications opened doors for me in my career that I never thought were possible.

Trailblazer Aldo Fernandez, 17x certified Trailhead Ranger

Seize the Trail: Get Started with Salesforce

Get started exploring different career paths in the Salesforce ecosystem by checking out the Salesforce Administrator and Developer roles.

Salesforce Admin career path

What is a Salesforce Administrator? When it comes to helping teams work efficiently, the Salesforce Admin role is key.

“After much hard work skilling up on Trailhead and getting Salesforce Admin certified, interview requests started coming in.”

Trailblazer Marvin Cross, 2x certified Trailhead Ranger

Admins help organizations with everything from automating complex business processes to ensuring users get the most out of Salesforce, while using tools like Reports and Dashboards to track success metrics and customer relationships.

#AwesomeAdmins bridge the gap between business requirements and technology.

Seize the Trail: Get Started as a Salesforce Admin

Discover the habits and skills you need to innovate fast, drive efficiency, and deliver success as a Salesforce Admin.

Salesforce Developer career path

What is a Salesforce Developer? A Salesforce Developer helps teams and organizations boost productivity by creating streamlined solutions to complex problems, like automating repetitive tasks or extending and customizing applications built on Salesforce.

“When I started, I had no idea what Apex was! I went to the community for help and, eventually, I was able to write a very basic trigger. After experiencing the platform, I knew that I wanted to become a Salesforce Developer.”

Trailblazer Clara Perez, 21x certified Double-Star Trailhead Ranger

Thrive on solving problems to deliver innovative customer experiences? The Developer path can help you leverage skills to build apps on the Salesforce Platform, using the best combination of no-code and code, without compromise.

Seize the Trail: Get Started as a Salesforce Developer

Learn the basics of boosting productivity, automating tasks, customizing apps, and delivering success as a Salesforce Developer.

Codey the bear in a Trailblazer hoodie

Ready to Seize the Trail?

Get started on your Trailhead Quest journey in five simple steps.

  1. Sign up for a free Trailhead account.
  2. Head to the Trailhead Quests page.
  3. Complete any Seize the Trail 2023 Quest trailmix by January 31, 2023, at 11:59 PM PT to score your exclusive community badge and enter for a chance to win* free certification exam vouchers and fun trail-rific swag.
  4. Every Seize the Trail Quest trailmix you complete before the entry date will count as an additional entry to the sweepstakes (up to six entries).
  5. Share your success on the Trailblazer Community and social using #SeizeTheTrail.

BONUS: Learn and Earn Quest

Keep your learning journey going and collect those Trailhead badges! Complete the Learn and Earn Quest trailmix and enter for a chance to win* a limited-edition tumbler (1 of 100).

Each badge you earn before January 31, 2023, at 11:59 PM PT counts as one additional entry to the sweepstakes!

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