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Trailblazer Bootcamp: Build Expertise and Accelerate Your Team’s Certification Path

Trailblazers learning and networking at Trailblazer Bootcamp with Hootie watching from the right with his laptop.
Experience multiple days of expert-led learning, role-based tracks, onsite certification exams, and endless networking.

Trailblazer Bootcamp is an immersive, in-person learning experience designed to help Trailblazers learn in-demand, role-based skills and earn Salesforce Certifications.

Preparing for the new world of work is one of the defining business problems of our time. As jobs evolve, so will the skills needed to perform them. The demand for digital skills is expected to rise more than 50% by 2025, meaning the future of work will require upskilling or reskilling to gain or learn new skills to take on different or entirely new roles.

And companies that invest in learning are leading the charge. According to a recent LinkedIn Workspace Learning report, Learning and Development teams are prioritizing upskilling and reskilling because of the significant impact it has on the business. Employees with internal mobility stay at companies 2x longer. And the cost of attrition is nearly 3x the cost of retaining an employee who feels invested in.

It’s clear: Investing in learning keeps your employees engaged, happy, and thriving in their careers.

So, how do companies start investing in learning for their teams? Enter Trailblazer Bootcamp—global, immersive, in-person learning events, brought to you by Trailhead Academy. With multiple days of role-based, expert-led learning, onsite certification exams, and endless networking opportunities, Trailblazer Bootcamp is the way to upskill and reskill your teams at scale.

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How can Trailblazer Bootcamp empower my teams?

Think of Trailblazer Bootcamp as the ultimate learning offsite for your team. Bring your employees together to learn from Salesforce Certified Instructors, earn resume-worthy credentials, connect with each other and fellow Trailblazers, and give back to the community.

With tracks spanning Admin, Developer, Marketer, Architect and more, Trailblazer Bootcamp offers role-based content that helps Trailblazers build the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in their jobs. Plus, each track aligns with a specific Salesforce Certification. While your teams are learning necessary job-related skills, they’re also preparing themselves for the related certification exam.

Your employees will learn directly from Salesforce experts, gaining knowledge, tips, insights, and best practices that help them, and your business, succeed with Salesforce.

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What kind of learning experiences can my teams expect?

Day one of Trailblazer Bootcamp kicks off with the first of two certification exams. We’ve found that having an exam at the beginning of Trailblazer Bootcamp reduces test anxiety, encouraging Trailblazers to lean into the fear and try for that Salesforce Certification.

With section-level detail provided immediately following exams, your employees are able to see the areas where they excel (and areas that need improvement!). This allows them to focus their studies accordingly throughout the week. Then, your teams will jump into role-based learning tracks.

Teamed up with fellow learners, Trailblazers deep dive into role-based topics and concepts and complete hands-on exercises with guidance from Salesforce Certified Instructors.

Evening study halls with fellow Trailblazers and Salesforce Certified Instructors provide a place to continue conversations, ask questions, and get clarity on the topics that matter most. Trailblazers will wrap up their bootcamp experience by putting their new skills to the test with a final certification exam.

Beyond learning new skills and earning Salesforce Certifications, there are endless networking opportunities at bootcamps, including the welcome reception, cohort-based learning tracks, and more.

Why should I invest in skilling up and certifying my teams?

According to a Salesforce-commissioned IDC report, The Impact of Salesforce Training and Certification, companies with skilled and certified employees were not only more agile and efficient but also benefited from increased employee impact.

The IDC study found:

  • Salesforce-certified professionals who receive additional training are 68% more efficient, leading to faster time to value.
  • Salesforce-certified professionals who receive additional training are 30% faster at mapping process requirements, leading to more rapid solution development and faster time-to-business value.

Investing in Salesforce Certifications has a positive effect on businesses and employees. Certified employees have a more significant business impact, and certifications are a great way to validate your team’s expertise; they’re a powerful resource for your business and people.

By accelerating your teams’ paths to certification, Trailblazer Bootcamp is the fastest way to start driving business impact.

And it’s more than just the numbers—Trailblazers celebrate the impact of Trailblazer Bootcamp on their careers.

Empower your employees to grow their careers

With previous bootcamps in San Francisco, Barcelona, Gold Coast Australia, Washington D.C., and Berlin, Trailblazers worldwide have been excited to grow their skills, drive impact for their company with new credentials, and build their careers in the Salesforce ecosystem.

“There’s more to bootcamp than just certifications. I get immersive, hands-on instruction from Salesforce experts who offer deep dives into the platform, can answer questions, and discuss business use cases. It’s like Trailhead 3D AR (Actual Reality)!”

Trailblazer Monica Sandberg. 4x Salesforce certified Trailhead Ranger.

Where are Trailblazer Bootcamps being offered?

Trailblazer Bootcamp is a global learning event, and we’re excited to bring new bootcamp locations in 2023.

First up, San Francisco (March 9-11 following TrailblazerDX), followed by Atlanta, GA (April 30 – May 5), London, UK (May 8-12), and Gold Coast, Australia (July 24-28).

We’re also exploring additional locations for the latter part of 2023, so head over to our Trailhead Academy Events page for the most up-to-date event info.

With different role-based learning tracks at each Trailblazer Bootcamp destination, the Trailblazer Community is the best place to ask questions and get answers. Connect with fellow Trailblazers and reach out with your questions in the Trailhead Academy Trailblazer Community Group.

Connect with Trailblazers from anywhere

Join the conversation on the Trailblazer Community.

We’re here to help your teams build the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in their jobs. We hope to see you at Trailblazer Bootcamp soon!

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