Most every company wants to build relationships with consumers and earn their loyalty. In today’s environment, developing and delivering customer engagement apps can add tremendous value when it comes to increasing brand awareness and drawing repeat business.

To design apps that truly make an impact, keep in mind these five key elements and join experts Tuesday, August 19th, for the free webinar Build Engaging Customer Loyalty Apps: 5 Key Elements for Success.

1. Offer engaging experiences

The first essential element involves the user’s experience with the app. Make beautiful design a major focus. Be sure to offer the latest and greatest in UI functionality. Information within the app must be available immediately. Personalized options are a plus, for example, remembering personal preferences and payment information. And each application should be mobile enabled and social ready.

2. Connect to business processes

Customer apps built in silos might as well be thrown away. They must be connected to business processes to have real value, but this can be easier said than done. Heroku enables companies to not only build modern apps for their customers, but also instantly extend these apps and connect them to the business processes inside Salesforce, as well as the functionality of hundreds of cloud service providers.

3. Scale to meet global demand

The nature of our connected world, including mobile access and social sharing, means that customer apps can see spikes in traffic without warning. Being prepared for these sudden spurts in usage is essential to maintaining the performance of your customer apps.

With Heroku, application owners can get insights into the effect of traffic on application performance, instantly scale up resources to maintain experience, and upgrade application resources, such as databases, to accommodate both overnight and long term growth.

4. Allow for rapid iteration

Your loyalty apps should not be “one and done.” Include regular iterations based on customer feedback and technological advances in the development process. Heroku gives developers the power to set up testing environments so they can easily make updates and quickly push out code. The platform also helps productivity by supporting modern dev languages, including Ruby, Node.js, Python, and PHP.

5. Build relationships between people

As much as companies want to use apps to connect to their customer base, it is often employees that understand them best and can serve them on an individual level. Great customer loyalty apps should include more than just push offers from brands. They need to give users the opportunity to interact with employees, ask them questions, and get support.

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  • How Heroku makes it easy to quickly build customer engagement apps in any language, and directly integrate customer data with your Salesforce org.

  • How you can use the power of to transform your customer relationships and track, manage, and drive personalized  customer promotions.

  • Plus real-world stories of how companies are using Heroku Connect to take their loyalty efforts to every customer's mobile device and beyond.

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