It’s probably not where you share your vacation pictures, relationship status, or maybe even political views. In fact your posts, newsfeed, and profile picture are no doubt drastically different than those of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. LinkedIn is primarily about one thing: jobs. With its more than 347 million users in 200 countries and territories, this network is all about making connections to find career opportunities, get involved in a specific industry, and network with professionals.

Nearly half of all B2B businesses use LinkedIn and it’s the number one social network for lead generation. And in a study that looked at social media use by CEOs running the top 50 companies on Fortune’s 2014 Global 500 rankings list, LinkedIn was the most popular network. But even if we understand its value, it can be tricky to navigate LinkedIn’s professional waters. While none of the rules in this infographic are hard and fast, they demonstrate how to add a dose of personalization to the way you communicate with your peers while still keeping things professional.


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