To improve your content marketing, you need to study your existing content, then combine that information with what you know about your competitors’ content. With thorough, qualitative analysis, you’ll get valuable data, including visitors’ preferences, interests, and when they are likely ready to convert.

First, find out if your existing content is optimized. Nearly half of consumers expect a site to load in less than two seconds, so you may lose conversions just because of slow site speed. Once your site runs quickly, make sure it guides visitors through the funnel. Find information in Google Analytics about your visitors’ behavior and where they spend time on your site. Once you have your data, create new content based on these findings to make the funnel more efficient.

Google Analytics offers a wealth of information for content marketers: pageviews, pages/visit, average dwell time, and more. Review your data and you’ll find that visitors, through their actions on your site, are telling you what content they enjoy most. Learn more in the infographic below.

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