Second to Google in searches and third in worldwide website popularity, YouTube has the potential to help your business. Since 57 per cent of Canadians have watched content on the site within the last 24 hours, and many were checking out a video for or related to something they were interested in buying, businesses need to be available and helpful on this site.

First, customize your YouTube channel to match your brand. Add your logo, contact information, header links, and write a channel description using keywords. Create playlists to help your visitors find the videos they’re searching for.

When you create videos for your business, keep your viewers in mind, and don’t limit yourself to videos that relate directly to your product or business. Use a keyword in the video’s filename and drive people to your website with a CTA. You can edit a video after it’s been uploaded, and you want to optimize it so it can be found in searches.

Share your videos, review their analytics, and get to know your viewers. YouTube is a powerful asset for businesses, and you can learn more about how to use it well in the infographic below.



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