The common theory is that people are driven by one side of their brain: the left side, which is considered logical and analytical, or the right side, said to be intuitive and subjective. No matter which dominates a buyer’s behaviours, both matter when it comes to purchasing decisions.

Customers make choices about what to buy based on motivation and need. The more basic the need, for example, the greater the motivation your customers will have to fulfill it. Your marketing needs to tap into these basic psychological principles in order to cut through the noise, resist distortion, and increase retention. One of the best methods of effective marketing (and business) is to make it all about the buyer.

Make sure the buyer knows what they’ll gain when they purchase your products or services. Stroke their ego, show them the value they’ll get, and make sure they know how their peers (and those they look up to) have bought and benefited from your company. Take into consideration the four main types of factors influencing your customers’ behaviours: cultural, social, personal, and psychological. Learn more about the psychology behind your customers’ behaviours in this infographic.

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