Cold calls can be intimidating. With solid prep work, however, a cold call can turn into a warm lead.

Before a salesperson ever picks up the phone, it’s time to do some research. Social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter can help you learn about your prospect’s interests and values. Furthermore, with the help of a marketing automation platform, you can track people’s sentiments about your company, which will help shape the conversation.

Continue your research by consulting your CRM platform and reviewing past correspondence and notes on interactions with this person. Find trigger events that indicate the prospect has a need for a solution you can provide. Look for current customers who are similar to the prospect and see how your company helped them.

During the call, ask questions, avoid using a script, and focus on more than just making a sale. Be prepared to follow-up more than once; after all, 80 per cent of sales happen after the fifth contact attempt. With these tips and the others in the infographic below, your cold calls will be more successful than you thought possible.

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