In business, first impressions can be the difference between closing a sale and walking away empty-handed. Within the initial few seconds of meeting a new person, we decide if we like them — and that first impression stays with us. In an act called thin-slicing, we take a mental snapshot of someone and guess their competence, confidence, and likeability, and that opinion often doesn’t change.

This means you have to decide how you want to be perceived. What’s one word you want people to associate with you? Be introspective: Ask yourself how you come across to others and the kinds of interactions you want to have with people. Work on your soft skills. Improve your ability to communicate effectively, your attitude, and your ability to relax and be yourself. But don’t stop there: Take into account your appearance, and use it to project an appropriate personal image. Stand in a confident position, make eye contact, and ensure your handshake is ready to close deals. With these tips and others found in the infographic below, every salesperson will make the right kind of first impression.

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