For the majority of connected society, artificial intelligence quietly plays a role in their everyday lives. Whether a consumer actively pursues the latest and greatest technology or just uses Facebook to check in with friends and family, AI is a part of their life.

In the infographic below, we show how AI can be involved in someone’s life throughout the day. It starts with an internet-connected thermostat. Most of these devices are also connected to the users’ smartphone, and as the user adjusts the temperature, the device learns their preferences, habits, and schedule. Machine learning, over time, can take over, leaving the user comfortable in their home without ever touching the device.

Smart devices, including thermostats, smart alarm clocks, and map apps, are obvious ways people interact with AI. However, companies use AI in their marketing, sales, and customer service efforts, too, to help make the customer journey smoother and easier for consumers. Find out more ways AI impacts your daily life in this infographic.







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