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The Anatomy of the Perfect Blog Post from Headline to CTA

Anatomy of a Blog Post

Eight out of 10 readers never make it past the headline. Before you publish your next blog post, make sure you have every key element from headline to CTA.

Some people think blogging is easy: Write it and it will be read. If you’ve ever written a blog post, you know that’s not true, and it’s hard to craft a post people will read. This infographic will help you put together a share-worthy post.

To begin with, your traffic can vary by as much as 500% based on your headline. There’s a science to writing the title of your post, and ignoring best practices will ensure your post gets largely ignored. Of course, once the reader has been drawn in by your headline, they’ll read the intro to see if they really want to commit the time to read your entire article. Does your introduction entice the reader to keep reading? Then, make sure your subheaders and the main copy of your post guide the reader through. Break up blocks of text with visuals, which are more memorable and keep the reader interested.

Finally, give the post a purpose with a call-to-action and sharing elements. Your blog was written for a reason, and it’s up to you to make it easy for readers to act and make your post a success.

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